SE Waiting for WinMo 6.5?

Posted On: Sunday, June 07, 2009

Ok… so before i post this, let me point out that this is purely my speculation and not based on any sourced info.

We all saw the leaked beta R3 ROMs a couple of weeks back. With the new Panel Manager, the Growing Panel, the Xtract game, and more. But by the end of May we saw the release of the final R3 ROM on SEUS and it lacked most of the features and applications that were found in the leaked ROM. And then SEMC announced a new ROM in June – this was after the R3 rom appeared on SEUS. So what is Sony Ericsson up to?

My hopes are – and i know they are high hopes but who knows! – that Sony Ericsson is delaying the feature packed update because of Windows Mobile 6.5! We all know that WinMo 6.5 has been released to manufacturers… so what do you think?

  • You agree with me?
  • Or should i simply dream on?


15 Responses to “SE Waiting for WinMo 6.5?”

  1. Adam

    I sure as hell hope so - i for one am not a massive fan of my Xperia its not that wonderfull or userfriendly - what panels do you have/programs you use most often?

    No good games found that come close to the iphone or any aspect of the free flowingness of such.

    Im in doubt folks please help with some useful tips to help me love my xperia....

    I love my cameras as well and for some reason my camera is not up to scratch too blurry...

    Sony Ericsson pull your finger out and your socks up whilst your down there!!!!

  2. Janet

    I hope it, I have read so much good things about WM 6.5. And I hope the phone will startup much faster.. Now it takes almost a minute!

  3. jabe604

    Adam, flash your phone with the valkerie 1.6 Rom, over on xda-developers. you will LOVE your phone...

    win 6.5, and Touch Flo 3D 2.

    Plus, its extremely fluid and smooth.

  4. Taz®

    Plllllllllllllllllllssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss... I hope someone from SE is listening.. It's like apple did with the iPhone when they released software updates.. Even if they're releasing a WM6.5 X2 upgradeable to WM7 spread the WM6.5 love to the X1 as well.. look at how apple's customers are happy AND upgrading to the newer models!

  5. Angus Rouse

    i sure as hell hope so too!

    Didn't wanna flash to any of the cooked ROMs so am counting on the official WM6.5 from SEUS.

  6. jabe604

    Honestly, i strayed away from flashing my phone for the first 2 months. I was definitely worried about bricking my phone. Then I finally took the plunge about 1.5 months ago, and realized i was scared for nothing.

    The people who brick their phone are the ones who don't follow the EASY step-by-step directions. Why would you do that?

    Take your time, flash your phone while following directions the first couple of times, then it just becomes downloading a file, transfering it over to your phone, then rebooting your phone. THATS IT! So easy, and now i flash my phone every week with Custom ROMS (flash every week because they're are always updates), and I oouldn't be happier. My phone is SOOO fast right now, much easier to use, the win 6.5 menus are awesome to use, and people are always amazed when I show them some of the features.

    Summon up the courage, read the forums a lot, and get to it! I feel like i have a whole new phone right now. I'm not even thinking about an X2, I have the best of the best right now!

  7. N※M

    hi , is nicholas here again :) i been having some problem with my x1 since upgraded to 6.5 winmo.
    been always follow your post , so please kindly help me if you could .
    it seems the battery drain pretty fast after i upgrade to winmo6.5 it only last for half day with not much call and sms .

    any idea which version of winmo6.5 rom is good for battery life ? and which winmo6.5 rom are u using ? any link ?

    appreciate if you could help ! please and biggg thankyou in advanced!

  8. Salman

    Hi Nic,

    I used KidDC's Extravagant ROM for the most time. It was one of the most stable 6.5 ones... Either grab the Medium of Full ROM. (I prefer the full one since it comes packed with most software that i would have installed anyways)

    Alternatively, you could check out KidDC's Multimedia ROM... not sure what the diff is with that one but its also in 6.5 and is a newer release by KidDC.

    On the other hand, though i haven't tried Valkyrie's ROMs before (especially since this is his first one), i hear good things about it. You might want to give that a shot:

    DO NOT in any case flash Touch-IT IX WinMo 6.5, that completely sucks if you want to use Panels. I have been using it and haven't flashed another ROM yet due to the lack of time this week, but it hangs teh device now and then...

    Salman Khalid.

  9. Salman

    Scratch all the above... this one looks most promising at the moment:

    Salman Khalid.

  10. brian

    none of these roms have any sort of directions dude!


  11. N※M

    hey Salman ,

    Thanks a lot ! !
    but any idea which on the drained battery issue which i mentioned?

  12. M.Salman.K

    @N※M: I'm using the last one i posted, and in the last approx. 12 hours it went down 20-30% only. (I made 3 calls, received two, did a couple of SMS, and Exchange Email of course...). I did notice one problem; the keyboard is off (the hardware keyboard...). I'm trying to determine if it is a region issue or maybe the ROM version is of a different region than i previously used.

    @Brian: what kind of instructions? usually they post instructions in the third of fourth posts, though i don't think they are really needed.

  13. N※M

    thanks a lot , will flash it soon !

    Thanks !!!


  14. twe

    I hope so, however with the news of the X2 and screenshots on the net, maybe the leaked firmware was not for the X1 and all those features have been moved over to the X2?

  15. Chris

    Flash ROM virgin here - is it that simple? Download it, run it - and presto a new OS for the X1 which solves all our little woes? Any advice would be appreciated.

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