Tell Me from Microsoft

Posted On: Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Microsoft Voice Command is one of my favorite Windows Mobile softwares, and now comes Tell Me from Microsoft specifically for Windows Mobile 6.5. Similar to MVC but somewhat different in features and specifically pricing.

The best feature of Tell Me? Voice to Text Messaging! What’s yours?

Click here for more info

Update: You can now test out the Tell Me application which was extracted from a Samsung Intrepid ROM. Head on here for more info.


X1 kicked to the curb?

Posted On: Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sony Ericsson X1 is one of the most powerful yet unrecognized windows mobile phone in the market today and the blame of its lack of success completely falls on Sony Ericsson. When launched the Panels interface was so highly praised by their mouths and promised a lot of potential, and though there is potential no doubt, but Sony Ericsson itself has done very little to show much for it. Almost an year has gone by and we have yet to see an “official” panel from Sony Ericsson to really get excited about. I say official because though we have the animated panels and others that i usually do use, none of them were officially released by SE.

Honestly, to date the major success of the X1 has been due to the work of the people at XDA-Devs and their custom ROMs that include custom panels, ported apps, etc. In a whole year SE has released two major updates to the X1 and both quite lacking. The last update’s leaked ROM had various inclusions that everyone was getting excited about but when released, stripped of every reason to upgrade.

Anyhow… though i can somewhat understand the move, but I’m sad to report that according to the people at SE, there are no plans for a WinMo 6.5 update to the X1. And from that i pretty much deduce that there will be no official update to the X1 with the new panels and panel manager, etc. Click here for more info.

Like i said, Xda Devs is one of the major reasons of whatever success Xperia has been showered with so far, and it is the main reason why i am not selling of my X1 right now either. Granted that X2 has the same hardware specs as the X1 (minus the accelerometer), i’m pretty certain that we will see custom ROMs with the new panels and manager hit XDA Forums soon after the release of the X2… What do you think?


Zune Player gets an update

Posted On: Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Zune HD went on sale today and if you remember my post about the Zune player, which i have been using ever since i came across it, it just got updated as well and I’m loving the changes…! If you haven’t tried out this A+++ software yet, you simply have to!


Is anyone here a Zune owner? I’m thinking of purchasing Zune HD from Amazon and get it delivered to me here in Pakistan… i know that i won’t be able to access the Zune store on it most likely due to my location, but as a music/video player it looks simply awesome! What do you think?


X1 to get 6.5 love officially?

Posted On: Tuesday, September 08, 2009

itje at XDA-Forums has posted the following on a thread:

Nice little treat for you guys.


The Build in the rom is a older 6.5..but what is important is:
-New XIP (real x1 nk)
-Some drivers from x2
-New netcf 3.7 (final)

If that is true, can we expect the new home panel to make its way to X1 officially as well? What do you think?


Xperia X2 – 2 More Vidz

Posted On: Thursday, September 03, 2009

Here are two more views from Sony Ericsson… I have to admit that though the hardware looks good, the software (their main panel on the device) does not appeal much. Perhaps the person demoing in the video himself did not know much about the functionality of the panel but from what i’ve heard about it, it offers way much more than what was shown. For now, I’m not thinking of giving up on my X1 just yet…


Another Short Demo of X2 (from Engadget Mobile)

Posted On: Thursday, September 03, 2009

The slide view panel in a little detail…


Xperia X2 Promo

Posted On: Thursday, September 03, 2009

Watch the promo below and fall in love with the X2… the Modern Silver set looks SUPERB!

I am now inching closer towards selling off my X1 in the next few days and saving up for this beauty!


Xperia X2 on Video

Posted On: Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Xperia X2 has been announced, and on video it looks awesome! The tile wave panel is something that i want to see more in-depth of, and loving the new panel manager features – better panel selection process and time based panel switching!

Check out the X2 in the somewhat short videos below…


Xperia X2 – Finally Announced

Posted On: Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Xperia X2 has finally been announced and of course out flows tons of pictures showing the new offering from Sony Ericsson in its full glory. I have to admit that the initial leaked shots of the X2 let me down a little, especially the keyboard… but looking at the images i am SOLD! (ok so the keyboard still doesn’t look that great, but overall it looks like the next best smartphone to jump to!)

One thing to note; the Win 6.5 Panel is sitting at the lower left side in the shots… does that mean that the default panel is the slideView panel? I for one am liking that idea since it means it is not an interface on top of Windows but a separate panel, meaning you have the Windows Panel left to customize as desired…!

Unfortunately it is going to be pricey! So… i’m not really sure if i would be making the plunge… but then I wonder if i can sell my Xperia right now to get a good bargain, before the X1’s prices drop down further, and then save up additionally for the X2…? :)

Here are some images… for more shots, head on here.

hdit xperia 2_CIMG3075

xperia 2_CIMG3078 xperia 2_CIMG3081

xperia 2_CIMG3084 xperia 2_CIMG3086

xperia 2_CIMG3099 xperia 2_CIMG3115

xperia 2_CIMG3126