X1 kicked to the curb?

Posted On: Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sony Ericsson X1 is one of the most powerful yet unrecognized windows mobile phone in the market today and the blame of its lack of success completely falls on Sony Ericsson. When launched the Panels interface was so highly praised by their mouths and promised a lot of potential, and though there is potential no doubt, but Sony Ericsson itself has done very little to show much for it. Almost an year has gone by and we have yet to see an “official” panel from Sony Ericsson to really get excited about. I say official because though we have the animated panels and others that i usually do use, none of them were officially released by SE.

Honestly, to date the major success of the X1 has been due to the work of the people at XDA-Devs and their custom ROMs that include custom panels, ported apps, etc. In a whole year SE has released two major updates to the X1 and both quite lacking. The last update’s leaked ROM had various inclusions that everyone was getting excited about but when released, stripped of every reason to upgrade.

Anyhow… though i can somewhat understand the move, but I’m sad to report that according to the people at SE, there are no plans for a WinMo 6.5 update to the X1. And from that i pretty much deduce that there will be no official update to the X1 with the new panels and panel manager, etc. Click here for more info.

Like i said, Xda Devs is one of the major reasons of whatever success Xperia has been showered with so far, and it is the main reason why i am not selling of my X1 right now either. Granted that X2 has the same hardware specs as the X1 (minus the accelerometer), i’m pretty certain that we will see custom ROMs with the new panels and manager hit XDA Forums soon after the release of the X2… What do you think?


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  1. Unknown

    well i was quite disappointed of X2. in addition to winmo 6.5 and new panels .. most of all i was looking forward to "hardware" upgrades . faster specs .. accelerometer . i am not very excited abt it anyway.

    softwares all of them will eventually ( i certainly hope so) will be ported to x1 . the new main panel and panel manager and all will be available for x1 thanks to XDA soon .. so right now I have no motivation to buy X2 "at all" . unless then pack some superior hardware power in it.

  2. Unknown

    I think you're totally right. I couldn't imagine me using the X1 with a stock ROM. The people at XDA are the reason I stick with my X1, otherwise I would have sold it a long time ago.

    We (the people who use custom ROMs) don't really need the official update as the guys from XDA deliver us way better ROMs and update then SE and Microsoft ever will.

    I can't thank these guys enough, but it's sad SE let's their costumers down.

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