Xperia ROM Gets Updated

Posted On: Saturday, May 16, 2009

Again? Yes! And like before, it just sneaked up on us. Actually – the update was released early on the 14th of May and so far the reports are disappointing. The R3AA 010 ROM update contains none-of the goodies and features that were seen in the leaked R3A ROM, including the new panel manager. What happened to those features and the updated panel manager? No Xtrakt, No new Media Panel, No geo-tagging, No auto-flash, No new Panel Manager… what happened?

One of the main changes reported so far is a better boot time of the device. And if that is pretty much all to it, i for one won’t be updating to this ROM anytime soon – especially when i am using a Custom ROM built upon the leaked R3 ROM (with all its features) and Windows Mobile 6.5 which i completely love!

If you’re interested to upgrade, head on here. Remember to leave a comment though on changes/updates that you do find.

Update: Thank you to an Xperiancer, Dean, for pointing out this, but it seems that this so-called-update is yet another leak perhaps? Check out the official Sony Ericsson MC Blog here… If anything, one thing is for sure – Sony Ericsson really needs to pick up a lot of marketing skills from its rivals. For heaven’s sake can you be even a slightly bit clearer about what you’re planning??? I for one would have liked to know the deal with them on the “official” ROM images being posted over at XDA Forums…


SPB Shell 3.0.1 Beta

Posted On: Saturday, May 09, 2009

SPB made SPB Shell 3.0.1 Beta available to the public today. Changes include:

  • Features:
    • Ability to save calls from unknown numbers to a new or existing contact.
    • Ability to show/hide SIM contacts.
    • "Show Today" widget.
    • Support for the hardware "Call" button from certain dialogs.
    • "Remove All" in call log.
  • Bug fix:
    • Switch between portrait and landscape mode takes too much time.
    • Contact sync can fail after using a picture from Facebook.
    • Some calls cannot be resolved to their corresponding contacts.
    • Calls from unidentified numbers are not shown in the call log.
    • "Edit Profile" doesn't work correctly on Treo.
    • Devices cannot be turned off on HTC Kaiser cooked ROMs.
  • Changes:
    • "Hardware Acceleration" option is hidden for non-supported devices.
    • City database has been updated.
    • Other minor bug fixes and optimizations.

To download this Beta, head on here.

UPDATE: This beta also fixes the lag when you press the Panel button.


PointUI Home 2 Pro Released – No Trial?

Posted On: Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I am late in reporting this news, but in case you haven’t heard… PointUI Home 2 Pro was recently released. Is it any good? How can one tell! There is actually no trial version for the pro edition!!! What were they thinking?

Someone i know has a copy and he is going to lend it to me try it out to decide if i want to purchase it or not. While i wait for that, read on for the description posted by PointUI about the Professional version of their Home 2 interface:

“Building on the platform Home 2 Free provides Pro takes your experience to the next level. On the surface you’ll see additional functionality with a Contact Card with Details and Personal History, a Messaging screen that allows for custom viewing options, Folders in your Favorites and a growing list of Customization options including, Haptic Feedback (on some devices), Auto Lock, GSensor Support (HTC devices only) and Automatic Update checking.

“Under the hood the scripting engine capabilities are extended to include more advanced features like GPS, SQLite Database Support and Advanced Customizaton Hooks to override default functionality Home 2.”