SPB Shell 3.0.1 Beta

Posted On: Saturday, May 09, 2009

SPB made SPB Shell 3.0.1 Beta available to the public today. Changes include:

  • Features:
    • Ability to save calls from unknown numbers to a new or existing contact.
    • Ability to show/hide SIM contacts.
    • "Show Today" widget.
    • Support for the hardware "Call" button from certain dialogs.
    • "Remove All" in call log.
  • Bug fix:
    • Switch between portrait and landscape mode takes too much time.
    • Contact sync can fail after using a picture from Facebook.
    • Some calls cannot be resolved to their corresponding contacts.
    • Calls from unidentified numbers are not shown in the call log.
    • "Edit Profile" doesn't work correctly on Treo.
    • Devices cannot be turned off on HTC Kaiser cooked ROMs.
  • Changes:
    • "Hardware Acceleration" option is hidden for non-supported devices.
    • City database has been updated.
    • Other minor bug fixes and optimizations.

To download this Beta, head on here.

UPDATE: This beta also fixes the lag when you press the Panel button.


6 Responses to “SPB Shell 3.0.1 Beta”

  1. Melk

    So is our X1 supported for HW acceleration? Because I couldn't find the option in settings.

  2. Salman

    I don't think so... as i didn't see it either. :)

  3. Marjolein

    Hi, thanks... I have the shell and it's the best ever. but very slow. I hope this updat with make it faster. The rotation is much better... flip-rotate-flip-rotate.. yes... progress...

    P.S. what is HW acceleration???

  4. Angus Rouse

    I'm waiting for the panel version to be released. Hope they'll fix all issues by then...

  5. Salman

    @Marjolein - HW acceleration... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardware_acceleration

    @Angus - Same here... though i have shell 3.0 installed on my device right now, i barely start it... but i'll definitely be using the panel once it is out.

  6. Marjolein

    Just a comment...
    You are talking about a panel, but it's intergrated with de windows panel. If you use the panelbutton, press the one in de left upper corner and you are in sbp shell...
    It's really the best I have ever seen. I only use this one. With the update it's working almost perfect.
    bye bye

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