Xperia ROM Gets Updated

Posted On: Saturday, May 16, 2009

Again? Yes! And like before, it just sneaked up on us. Actually – the update was released early on the 14th of May and so far the reports are disappointing. The R3AA 010 ROM update contains none-of the goodies and features that were seen in the leaked R3A ROM, including the new panel manager. What happened to those features and the updated panel manager? No Xtrakt, No new Media Panel, No geo-tagging, No auto-flash, No new Panel Manager… what happened?

One of the main changes reported so far is a better boot time of the device. And if that is pretty much all to it, i for one won’t be updating to this ROM anytime soon – especially when i am using a Custom ROM built upon the leaked R3 ROM (with all its features) and Windows Mobile 6.5 which i completely love!

If you’re interested to upgrade, head on here. Remember to leave a comment though on changes/updates that you do find.

Update: Thank you to an Xperiancer, Dean, for pointing out this, but it seems that this so-called-update is yet another leak perhaps? Check out the official Sony Ericsson MC Blog here… If anything, one thing is for sure – Sony Ericsson really needs to pick up a lot of marketing skills from its rivals. For heaven’s sake can you be even a slightly bit clearer about what you’re planning??? I for one would have liked to know the deal with them on the “official” ROM images being posted over at XDA Forums…


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  1. Robin

    Hey i follow your blog some time and first i wann say to you keep it going, well you got one fan;)

    But its not the main thing i wanna tell you.
    My question is do you maybe know if the ''Htorch'' .cab work on the custom ROM with WM 6.5?

    If i had a Xperia i woulded tested, but i hope next month my bank account will ensure my Xperia :) Anyway that i would like to know if you know.

    PS sorry for if there is bad english grammer in it, im think i pretty bad at it

  2. M.Salman.K

    @Robin - Thanks... i try to keep it updated as much as possible. :)

    As for HTorch - i don't see why it would not work on the 6.5 Custom ROM! But i will definitely give it a whirl and let you know as soon as possible.

    Good luck with your purchase!

  3. Andrej

    Yup... this is a good blog for us Xperiancers. Thanx for making it. It keeps my eye on what's new and interesting.

    According to what I'm reading on XDA this update isn't much. And reseting my X1 basically just for making it start faster isn't worth it. I hope something better (official) comes soon.

  4. Noel Benigno

    The update for the Generic UK is a .exe file.
    How do i make it into a .image file so that i can rename the same to .nbh for flash card flashing?


  5. Dean

    The R3 firmware will be released on SEUS in June.

  6. M.Salman.K

    @Noel - Not sure... i think if you execute it, it'll extract perhaps?

    @Dean - According to the XDA Devs... this update's been taken off from the SEUS. But then i guess it is another leaked version or something? At this moment i am completely clueless!

    SE guys should know better and market their updates, etc. properly!

  7. Dean

    @M.Salman.K - I am clueless too, don't really see much incentive for me to update from R2A.

  8. Marjolein

    I have had a email from SE, as result of the questions of the webinar. They wrote to me that in de 3rd quarter of 2009 there will be an new update for the xperia.

    Hopefully it will be sooner....
    Best regards

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