Tell Me from Microsoft

Posted On: Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Microsoft Voice Command is one of my favorite Windows Mobile softwares, and now comes Tell Me from Microsoft specifically for Windows Mobile 6.5. Similar to MVC but somewhat different in features and specifically pricing.

The best feature of Tell Me? Voice to Text Messaging! What’s yours?

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Update: You can now test out the Tell Me application which was extracted from a Samsung Intrepid ROM. Head on here for more info.


8 Responses to “Tell Me from Microsoft”

  1. Melk

    Did you try a HD2 ROM on your Xperia?

  2. wheezzl


    this app does not seem to be out yet for WM phones? At least I couldn't find anything about it...

  3. Unknown

    @Melk - I have been using a custom ROM with the latest Leo TF3D implementation... it is pretty great! (if only it had landscape...)

    Did you?

  4. Melk

    Yeah, I tried some Leo ROMs but didn't like the speed too much. But now there's the final version, maybe I'll try that too. I don't use landscape too much while in Manila, so it's not so important to me.

    But now I'm using an itje ROM with Manila 2.1. I had a lot of problems with the phone freezing each day one or two times while in standby or charging. :) I did another stockSPL and HardSPL, maybe now I got rid of the problems. Still testing...

  5. Unknown

    @Mark - sorry for the delay buddy but just posted a Pocket Now link that links to the download... :)

  6. Unknown

    @Melk - I know what you mean. I am currently using a ROM by Rotja and it is working wonderfully but has its bugs. I'm just kinda slacking and waiting for a good ROM to emerge to jump onto. Seems everyone is testing things out with beta stuff and thus you find bugs in pretty much every ROM out there... :)

    You think doing HardSPL again helps? I only ever did it once...

  7. Melk

    I can't see a logical reason for it to help, but I installed original r2aa, stock spl, than original r3aa, than hard spl and again the custom ROM. I'm still testing now but so far the random freezes (cannot wake phone up) are gone. I'll see in the following days if the problem is still here or not...

    Anyway, only a few users report having this problem, it's pretty strange. And I guess the chefs can't do anything abut it since it doesn't happen to them.

  8. Unknown

    @Melk - i'm kinda familiar with the problem you are talking about. A reader emailed me a few weeks back about it - perhaps u did! - but i myself have thankfully not faced the issue on my set. The only time it does freeze, it is due to whatever Custom ROM i am using and doing a Hard reset helps or switching to a new ROM does the trick.

    Anyways... Best of luck! :)

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