Xperia X2 – Finally Announced

Posted On: Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Xperia X2 has finally been announced and of course out flows tons of pictures showing the new offering from Sony Ericsson in its full glory. I have to admit that the initial leaked shots of the X2 let me down a little, especially the keyboard… but looking at the images i am SOLD! (ok so the keyboard still doesn’t look that great, but overall it looks like the next best smartphone to jump to!)

One thing to note; the Win 6.5 Panel is sitting at the lower left side in the shots… does that mean that the default panel is the slideView panel? I for one am liking that idea since it means it is not an interface on top of Windows but a separate panel, meaning you have the Windows Panel left to customize as desired…!

Unfortunately it is going to be pricey! So… i’m not really sure if i would be making the plunge… but then I wonder if i can sell my Xperia right now to get a good bargain, before the X1’s prices drop down further, and then save up additionally for the X2…? :)

Here are some images… for more shots, head on here.

hdit xperia 2_CIMG3075

xperia 2_CIMG3078 xperia 2_CIMG3081

xperia 2_CIMG3084 xperia 2_CIMG3086

xperia 2_CIMG3099 xperia 2_CIMG3115

xperia 2_CIMG3126


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