Xperia X2 – 2 More Vidz

Posted On: Thursday, September 03, 2009

Here are two more views from Sony Ericsson… I have to admit that though the hardware looks good, the software (their main panel on the device) does not appeal much. Perhaps the person demoing in the video himself did not know much about the functionality of the panel but from what i’ve heard about it, it offers way much more than what was shown. For now, I’m not thinking of giving up on my X1 just yet…


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  1. Melk

    Same processor and RAM... But that's actually good news - probably the ROM will be ported to X1 eventually.

  2. Salman

    @Melk - exactly what i've been thinking today.. :)

  3. Irmansah


    So sad the design in not as appealing as X1. Then read on sony website that X2 is not able to do video call & no radio....

    Seem that the internal memory still lags.

    I may consider skipping this X2 and look into X3.... Will keep to my X1 till more updates are available....

  4. Malcolm

    I'm hoping that the info on the SE website is incorrect as regards the front facing camera and the radio.

    If you look at any of the press shots then the front facing camera is clearly visible.

    And in the SE-First youtube vid at around 2m45s the radio UI is clearly displayed (sorry youtube is blocked here so I can't post a direct link - the videos were posted here on Wednesday I think).

    I have to admit that while I really like the X2, the radio would be a bit of a deal breaker for me - I posed the question at, but the comment was deleted so I have no idea if they will clarify there or not.

  5. theaccomplice88

    Has anyone else noticed the soft release of the Xperia Pureness? I'd never get one, just wanted to throw that out there...

  6. Irmansah

    Hey ya all...

    See X3 and Xperia pureness at this links:

    I'm confirmed skipping this X2....

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