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Posted On: Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Though I initially wanted to do a video showcasing the power and high speed of the device – after applying a few simple tweaks to it, but unfortunately having been unable to get my hands on a video recorder, i thought I’d start off this blog with screenshots from the device instead. Hopefully I will be able to record a video of the device and showcase the fast performance of the device soon. (It is by far the best and fastest Windows Mobile device ever!)

Enjoy these screenshots…

1. The Today Panel/Screen - With SPB Pocket Plus, Inesoft Today, Spb Time, Flash Themes, Pocket Digital Clock Today items enabled.



2. The 9 Panels active on the device - First is the default today panel (pictured above), the next two are the Sony Ericsson Panels – though i barely use these two, next is the SPB Panel, then the Media Panel, the Radio Panel, TF3D Panel (thanks to XDA Developers for making this possible), the Windows Live Panel, and finally the Facebook Panel.



3. The TF3D Panel. (Weather animation activated for screenshot – i wanted to capture the rain ;)

Screen17 Screen15


4. Resco Explorer and SPB Imageer – Two must haves.

Screen05 Screen06


5. Inesoft Phone/Address-Book – Surprisingly faster than the default Xperia dial-pad and contacts. And extremely better looking too!

Screen03 Screen04


6. Winterface & Memory usage. Average Memory usage is around 32-35%. I switched back to the Today panel from the TF3D panel… ran Winterface for the screenshot and then checked the RAM – which sat at only 40%. On closing SPB Screenshot, it dropped down to 36%.

Screen11 Screen13


7. Today Screen plugins & SPB Keyboard (which i like more than the HTC Touch HD’s ported keyboard!)

Screen12 Screen14


8. And in the end… Apps & Games – Too many to list here, but all working flawlessly.

Screen23 Screen22

Screen20 Screen21


That’s all for now… Hope you liked ‘em. I will post details on games i’ve got installed on my Xperia in the next couple of days as well as details on the tweaks applied to the device and the applications used in order to tweak it.

Best Regards.


16 Responses to “Xperia Screenshots”

  1. Melk

    Nice useful blog. Keep it up!

  2. Andy

    Those are some nice screenshots! hope to see your updates!! :D

  3. M.Salman.K

    Thanks... :)

  4. son hoang

    could you please let me know what is the name of game like zuma you've post in the screenshot,sorry for my bad english,thanks you

  5. John

    @ son hoang
    The game you are asking about is Abracadaball.

    I am interested to know how it is working in full screen, as i tried a java version, and it was only small on the screen.

    Please, M.Salman.K , please tell how you did this?

  6. M.Salman.K


    I downloaded an Xperia optimized version of the game. Check out Gameloft's web-site... chose Xperia as your phone and you'll get all the games that have been optimized for Xperia. :)

    I'll post more on games later-tonight/early-tomorrow.

  7. John

    Thanks, man. Much appreciated. I got addicted to that game on my K800, and Zuma just isnt the same. :)

  8. M.Salman.K


    I know what you mean! :)

  9. Daniel

    Many thanks for your infomation. I will follow your update.

  10. John

    Well! 3 Days ago, i purchased Abracadaball from Gamelofts website. I still have no download link, or any reply to e-mail, or forum post.
    Annoying to say the least.
    Still, patience will win the day, i hope.

  11. M.Salman.K

    Oh boy... i guess its just bad timing. With Christmas holidays and the new year upon us, they might not be handling business these few past days. hopefully you'll hear from 'em really soon.

    It is the one of the best playable games on Xperia so far. Do check out my latest post with the list of games that i have installed.

  12. Nils

    Nice. Could you point me to where you got that brushed metal theme/background please?

  13. M.Salman.K


    I got this from:

    Visit the following link for all WVGA themes on that site:

    The Hairline one is more of a landscape WVGA theme, as in portrait the background repeats... but since the slight line where it begins again goes behind my IneSoft today plugin and this is by far one of the finest looking theme i have yet found, i just love it! :)

    P.S. You will most likely need the WVGAThemeHelper for setting themes on Xperia. The Hairline one works without installing that, but for most you will need it.

  14. John

    M.Salman.K' can i ask you, when you downloaded Abracadaball from Gameloft, did you have any issues? Also, do you have a different Java machine running on your X1 ? I'm having some trouble getting this game from Gameloft, even with Tech support's help.

  15. M.Salman.K

    @John - To be honest... i didn't purchase it off of Gameloft but got it via someone i know. I don't see why it shouldn't be working or why you are unable to download it.

    Also, I have the original Java machine on the X1 that comes on it pre-installed.

  16. Don

    Hi, i was just wondering how you got your TF3D Panel to look like that. I also have TF3D and the panal installed but I'm stuck with the default TF3D theme. Can you show me how to make mine look exactly like yours or direct me to a link or download.

    Thank You

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