Beware! HTC Home = Hard Reset?

Posted On: Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Well Xperiancers; I wish you all a prosperous and blissful new year. And on that note, let me warn you: DO NOT install HTC Home on your Xperia.

This weekend while looking for ways to enhance my Xperiance, i was interested in trying out HTC Home after i saw screenshots of a couple of skins for HTC Home over at various sites that claimed them to be compatible with WVGA devices. So i installed HTC Home and HHC (HTC Home Customizer).

But Alas! once the device restarted, it kept on restarting continuously – before the Today screen would load up the device rebooted itself. And this went on without any change.

Fortunately i had SPB Pocket Suite installed which prompted me to boot up in safe mode, but unfortunately i had no idea what key to press to boot in safe made. :)

So… eventually i ended up doing a Hard Reset. Thankfully, for me, all data was backed up to an exchange server over the air so i lost nothing other than a couple of SMSs.

Mind it… after i did do a Hard Reset, i did decide to give HTC Home another shot, thinking that it might have been a problem with installation before. And as expected, the same problem occurred again and i had to hard reset a second time. :)

So if you are thinking of installing HTC Home on your Xperia, make sure to have things backed up just-in-case.


2 Responses to “Beware! HTC Home = Hard Reset?”

  1. Melk

    What programs do you use for full backup of the phone? What will not be backed up, exactly? You can make a post regarding back-up, I'm sure many users will find it useful.

  2. M.Salman.K


    I didn't use any backup software before but do now. I will post about my preference in detail later tonight. Keep a lookout. :)

    Best Regards.
    Salman Khalid.

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