CNetX - Face Contact

Posted On: Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CNetX’s Face Contacts is a really cool-looking contact management utility which integrates directly into the device’s Today screen. Featuring an intuitive 3D interface with kinetic scrolling (iPhone-like), Face Contact allows you to add, remove, or edit contacts without having to switch between different apps and lets you sort by different fields as well as define a custom order in which the contacts appear. You can adjust, replace or remove contact’s pictures, with photo cropping and rotation. Furthermore, you have full control on display settings and 3D rendering options including photo shape, transparency, and reflection effects.

Works perfectly on Xperia! And best of all, regardless of the number of favorite/quick-access numbers you want, the application uses as little screen height as possible! To try it out, go here.

Some screenshots:

Screen05 Screen02



2 Responses to “CNetX - Face Contact”

  1. Unknown


    would it be possible to describe how you got this extremly good looking today screen? i know you posted some of the components in a previous post, but i would love to see an detailed guide how to configure the today screen to look like your.

  2. msalmank

    Seriously? There's nothing special running here, just a bunch of Today Screen Plugins on the default Xperia today theme.

    Here is what i have running, from top to bottom:

    1. P. Digital Clock Today Add-In.
    2. SPB Time. (I live in Lahore, my office is in Jefferson, Texas - kind of an offshore employee... so is nice to know at a glance the time there)
    3. Inesoft AddressBook/Phone Plugin.
    4. And of course; CNETX Face Contact Plugin.


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