Gaming on Xperia – Part 2

Posted On: Tuesday, January 06, 2009

As promised, here is a list of more games that are compatible with Xperia. Enjoy!


WVGA Games

  • Allure Airball – Don’t be fooled by the VGA menu. The game is full WVGA. Not as great looking as Block Breaker Deluxe 2 (Java based game) but definitely as much entertaining.
  • Archibald’s Adventures – One of the most intriguing game ever with over 100 levels.
  • Drumkit Ace – Not really a game but helps to kill the time… :)
  • ZingMagic Hearts – Sometimes Solitaire just isn’t enough.
  • Madbeetle – Help the Mad Beetle find his way out of the underground tunnels.
  • Monopoly Here & Now – Play the world's most popular board game as if it were invented today! Monopoly Here & Now brings a classic game into the modern era with new properties, a set of animated tokens, and current real estate prices. Buy real estate on 22 famous sites from New York to San Francisco! Build your empire, bankrupt your opponents and stay out of jail to become a real estate tycoon!
  • Pocket UNO – Uno is one of the world's most popular family card games. Just play cards from your hand by matching color, number, or word. Try to rid yourself of cards before opponents do! Rules are simple but the gameplay offers hours of fun.
  • Pocket Grandmaster Chess – PocketGrandmaster is a fully featured and extremely strong chess playing program and FICS/ICS-client for Pocket PCs.
  • Snow Rally City State 1.1 - Fasten your seat belt, zoom over the city stages, whiz by splendid landmarks and cheering crowd, push the limits of your vehicle to win the champion. Snow Rally City Stage is a solid city racing game with the best 3D graphics on mobile and handheld devices offering breathtaking gaming experience and gorgeous city scenery.
  • Spore Origins - Guide your creature through its early evolution and shape its destiny. Avoid larger creatures until you're one of them! Grow your creature into a complex predator as you rise through 18 interactive levels.


VGA Games – But worth checking out!

  • Supet G-Stunt - Super-G Stunt is a flight action game that takes you on a breathtaking aerobatic race through fun-filled fantasy environments! Get into the cockpit and show off your unbeatable stunts!
  • Xplodus – Private Pete is in trouble! Aliens are invading our outer space outposts and only Private Pete is able to defeat them! Help this brave soldier to blast the alien scum out of existence by placing bombs and evading enemy attacks!
  • Fade – The best graphical adventure experience on Pocket PC! Click on link for a full review with tons of screenshots.
  • Plumber Pete – Plumber Pete is a fast-paced thinking game ideal for people who are short on time, low on monkey wrenches but wanna have some plumbing fun!


That is all for now. At-least this time i posted more WVGA games than VGA… :)



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