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Posted On: Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Well Xperiancers, the search for additional components and application continues and any chance of getting a new look’n’feel on the device, i jump at it.

And today i came across iFonz.

iFonz is a clone of the iPhone interface with a lot of customizations, a fully graphical design, and animations. Written in .Net, this is by far the best iPhone interface clone i have yet seen on the device.

I have tried out Winterboard but didn’t like it. I also tried the iPhone interface theme for Wizbar Advanced Desktop but that was too buggy and slow at times, plus switching from landscape to portrait or the other way around sometimes required a refresh of the today screen.

Icons can be easily edited/added and can point to any application. Furthermore, you don’t have to find icons for each application as iFonz has the ability to grab the image from the Exe itself.

The only problem i see at the moment is that in landscape mode the carbon bar is not full – finishes before the Music button. But that to me is not at all a let-down.

Some tips though; in iFonz setting disable the Startup Animation as that only takes more time to load the app. Furthermore after you run iFonz, you will notice that the icons are way small. To fix that simply go into the settings and change icon size to 84x84 instead of 42x42. Also turn off the Right-To-Left gesture for loading settings – it is annoying if you slide the screen right-to-left and instead of changing the page it loads the configuration.

Check out the screenshots below and if you want to try it out, then give it a shot. More information here.

Screen03 Screen04

Screen07 Screen08

Screen09 Screen13b



7 Responses to “iFonz – iPhone for Windows Mobile”

  1. Hawkeye Mihawk

    I have been trying to install it on my XPERIA (The latest version) but I keep getting errors when I try to run the .exe. It will be on the desktop/laptop with my handphone connected to the desktop/laptop in quest.

  2. Abdulla Ameer

    I noticed a monoploy icon !!
    where did you get it from ????

  3. Fizzo8

    Hey... juz asking.. For Xperia rite.. do we grab the VGA or QVGA cab?

  4. M.Salman.K

    @Fizz08 - Grab the VGA one. Works as shown in the screenshots on Xperia.

    @Abdulla - Monopoly Here & Now. Pretty awesome game. Is available for purchase via different sites.

    @Hawkeye - I'm not sure i follow. It runs when your device is connected to the laptop but doesn't otherwise? Just so you know, when downloaded, you just copy the unzipped folder onto your Xperia and run the EXE from the device to launch iFonz. In the configuration you can specify to start it automatically on device startup thus removing the need to manually launch it.

  5. Mike66

    Works pretty good on my Xperia, but I have some questions about the icons. Any idea about how to get weather icon to work and get a correct icon for tasks (I have it running with indication of numbers of tasks). And the SMS icon don´t tell about incoming...they hides in the Messeges icon with my incoming mails...but that maybe are just so?

  6. M.Salman.K

    @Mike66 - To be honest, i don't use iFonz that much and had it installed only to test it out a bit. Though i do like it a lot and consider it to be quite promising, an ideal solution to cloning the iPhone interface, i have not install it yet after i updated to the latest ROM.

    The time that i did use it, i could not get the Weather icon to work for me. I didn't have any problems with the SMS icon - it displayed the count correctly for me from the start. Try searching the iFonz forums over at XDA Forums...

    Best of luck!

  7. adrien

    escuse me but when I try to install ifonz, I can't because my Xperia told me that there is a program missing, something like .NET Compact Framework..somebody could help me..

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