mDesktop – Your Mobile on Your PC

Posted On: Thursday, January 15, 2009

Xperiancers… In my quest to find more applications and games useable with our Xperia, I came across a pretty cool and useful desktop application. Granted that this is not specifically Xperia related, but after having used it a little i felt the need to share and thus this post.

Have you ever wanted to control your phone directly from your PC? Drag files to it, install applications, move pictures, send SMS and even make calls? Then this is the application for you.

Motion Apps’s mDesktop puts your Pocket PC or Smart Phone onto your desktop lets you control it completely. Integrate your phone with your PC and make calls, send SMS messages, and use your phone’s data and applications from your PC’s big screen and keyboard in a comfortable, practical, fun and user friendly way.

The Screen Mirror lets you control your mobile using your Mouse as the phone’s stylus as well as allows you to take screenshots of your screen with ease. The File Browser lets you browse any folder on the device including the Windows folder on the main memory. And the SMS module lets you not only make SMS but print and copy your SMS from the device with ease.

Check out the screenshots below. For more information go here.








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