New Template… Like it?

Posted On: Sunday, January 11, 2009

Well Xperiancers… to take my mind off of programming issues and to give myself a break, i decided to change the template of the blog. Alas! I didn’t like most of the templates i came across and the ones i did like didn’t make much sense to be applied to a blog about Xperia. So i ended up designing this new template.

The theme is inspired by an iPhone template that i saw and is my first ever BlogSpot template. Tested on Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome – left menu is a bit off in IE.

Let me know your opinions.


12 Responses to “New Template… Like it?”

  1. John

    Just one thing . . . . . . . . .:)

    In the Backup section, underneath where the header says "Dotfred's PIM Backup Application", The text for pro's and cons is a bit dark, and it makes it difficult to read it easily.
    A lighter/brighter colour would be better, IMHO.

    Stay Happy, and keep up the good works.

  2. M.Salman.K

    I know what you mean... ;)
    I'm going to fix that... have to get a couple of other things done first.

  3. Melk

    The font color is bad, especially in the list from the post below. And white font on balck background is hard to read on some LCDs, but it's not that bad.

    You could also do something about the footer of the page to look like the lower part of the X1.

    Nice theme! ;)

  4. M.Salman.K

    The gray color on the lists is - obviously - bad. I'll be fixing it later tonight or early tomorrow depending on when i get the chance. (along with a couple new posts... ;)

    As for the white on black... what else could it be?

  5. Melk

    It's okay with the white on black, leave it like that - else you'll ruin the rest of the theme.

    Off topic... do you have the cracks in the case and buttons peeling problems that some users are experiencing?

  6. John

    Ive had my X1 since early November, and i have absolutely no problems with build quality.
    It is a silver one, though.
    It is used every day, I work in the building trade, so it takes some wear and tear, but so far, Barely a mark on it.
    I will recommend one thing, though. The best screen protector i have ever used, Zagg invisible shield. I actually got the full body kit, which is on the phone, and it is not worth the money, but, the screen protector film in the kit(which you can get on its own) is superb. Ive used pencils, nails and the stylus on my screen, and not a scratch.

  7. M.Salman.K

    Being in Pakistan, i ordered mine from England, as it hadn't arrived here then. When i read about cracks in the casing i went crazy thinking what if the one i was being delivered had 'em too. Fortunately that wasn't the case. I've had the phone for over a month and a half now and no signs of any cracks so far. The build quality is superb.

    Thanks for the tip mate. I couldn't find any good screen protector/shield from the local market here. Someone i know knows someone who went to Dubai and thus i'm going to try and get them to get it for me.

  8. Melk

    Nice to hear that you both have no problems.

    Do we actually need the screen protector? I owned a touchscreen before and after one year of use it had no scratch on the screen from the stylus...

  9. Johnny Boy

    Well, i read a lot of people saying that a screen protector wasnt necessary, but, like i said, I work in the building trade, and very often get sand and grit in my pockets, on myhands etc.
    You should seewhat it does to a phone screen in a short time!
    So, i decided not to take the chance, and fit a screen protector.

    @ Salman
    You can order direct from Zagg site, and they ship worldwide.
    I got mine direct from the states, free delivery, but it was the full body kit.

  10. Johnny Boy

    Back to topic,
    Text looks a lot better. Nice choice of colour.

  11. M.Salman.K

    Though no scratches or cracks, the cover at the back (battery-cover that comes off) is starting to loose some color at the corners. I hope that it doesn't go silver on me... :D

    As for the screen protector... it is always good to be a bit protective. If you could just see my iPhone's screen. :D

    I already e-mailed the guy and he said he'll get it for me if he can find it. Otherwise i'll order it online.


    Back to topic... i still haven't been able to get the Categories in the left menu aligned properly in IE. Will try again later.

    Am going through a Windows Crisis today. Thankfully no data was lost but i have to install everything (and believe me, there is a lot!) again. I did do the wise thing last time and made an image with Acronis... but when i tried to restore from the image today, after 3.5 hours it sat barely at 30%... so i cancelled it and installed windows the old fashioned way.

    As much as i had heard and read good things about Acronis True Image... i totally hate it now. And not to mention, when i searched today, i found a lot of other people complaining about the same problem with Acronis.

    BTW - i finally got to test and see if SPB Backup really is as powerful and handy as believed to be. I'll make a post later tonight or early tomorrow.


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