One Touch Voice Recording

Posted On: Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Xperiancers… want to make a quick and small audio note? Then you are in luck. Thanks you gtrab at XDA Forums for this neat tip.

How To

  • Open the File Explorer.
  • Go into the “\windows\appbuttons” folder.
  • Copy the “Rec” or “Record” file.
  • Go into the “\windows\startmenu\programs” folder and paste the file in.
  • Exit File Explorer and go into Settings –> Personal –> Buttons.
  • You will see “Rec” or “Record” in the list of programs now, assign it to a key.

After you have assigned it to a key, pressing the key will open ‘Notes’ with the Record bar at the bottom. Hit the record button to record your audio note. Or, a better alternative, simply hold the button assigned which will record any audio while the button is pressed and will stop recording when released.

You will notice that “Rec” or “Record” appears in the Programs list. Clicking it won’t do anything. If you find that annoying, simply set the file that you copied into the Programs folder as hidden, which will remove this icon.

One major flaw in this though – the recording is time limited. Ah well, had there be no time limit, that would have been just too perfect! :)


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  1. koos

    How do I get the recording onto a PC or as a ringtone if recorded in notes?

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