Setting up your Network – ROM Update Follow-up

Posted On: Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So. You updated using a ROM that locks settings for a network other than yours? Like for me, when i updated to the latest ROM on my Xperia using the Vodafone UK ROM since there was no existing Generic UK ROM ROM available, I noticed pretty quickly that though I was able to make and receive calls without problems, but when connecting to GPRS, it failed to connect. Turned out, it was locked to Vodafone.

Here is what you need to do to get your network up and running again. Open IE or any application that connects to the Internet. When it notifies you that it failed to connect and to check your settings, click on the Settings link. Then follow the procedure as detailed below:

  • Go into Network Management.
  • Under ‘Programs that automatically connect to the Internet should connect using:’ select the My Work Network as shown in the figure.



  • Click on Edit…
  • Switch to the Proxy Settings tab and check the ‘This network connects to the Internet’ checkbox. If your network uses a proxy server then check the sub-checkbox and enter the IP address of the proxy server as provided by your network operator.



  • In the Modem tab the ‘New…’ button should now be enabled. Click it.
  • Enter a name for the connection and select the modem type. Modem should probably be ‘Cellular Line (GPRS, 3G)’



  • Hit Next and enter an Access Point Name if needed. I left this blank.



  • On Next enter the User Name, Password, and Domain if provided by the ISP. I left all three of these blank again. Hit Finish.



  • Hit ok to save changes and exit the settings. Open Internet Explorer and browse to your favorite site. It should connect without problems now.




2 Responses to “Setting up your Network – ROM Update Follow-up”

  1. Johnny Boy

    HeHe. Had a feeling the Voda ROM would have issues.
    Voda are well known for screwing up the Firmwares of feature phones, so i thought they would at least lock this ROM to Vodaphone Live, or something. Best of luck, Salman, But i will wait a bit longer for the Generic UK.

  2. M.Salman.K

    After doing the procedure i outlined in this post, i am not tied down to the Vodafone network anymore. Everything is working awesome! and the updated firmware is just awesome! neither does it contain too many vodafone stuff.

    In short... totally worth updating to, if you ask me. :)

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