Touch Flo 3D (+ landscape workaround)

Posted On: Thursday, January 15, 2009

Updated on Jan 17! (For those who have TF3D Installed, skip to the end of the post for a TF3D lanscape workaround)

Installing Touch Flo 3D on Xperia

When Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 hit the market, one of the XDA Members released his work on porting the TouchFlo 3D user interface to Xperia X1. Though what was then a lengthy process, now installation of TouchFlo 3D onto Xperia has become as easy as executing a single .CAB file.

In case you are wondering what TouchFlo 3D is, in which case i am wondering where you have been the last couple of months… HTC TouchFlo 3D was introduced with Touch Diamond that gives you touch control over the phone. Use finger gestures to navigate programs, browse the web and flick through the contacts, photos and albums. The most widely-used functions such as e-mail, music and the Internet are only a flick away. Functionality apart, TouchFlo 3D is one of the most beautiful interfaces to hit Windows Mobile since long. You just have to love the weather app!

Anyways… If you want to install TouchFlo 3D onto Xperia then follow the simple steps as detailed below. All credit goes to itje at XDA Forums.

  1. Download the Full Manila .CAB file from here. This CAB includes
  2. Copy the CAB file to your Xperia X1 Storage Card or Internal Memory.
  3. Install to the Internal Memory and soft-reset.

Want it as a Panel instead of the default Today item? Then follow the procedure as detailed here.

That is it! It is really that simple. If you want additional stuff from HTC Touch HD on your Xperia including the HTC Volume Control, Comm Manager, Dialer, and Keyboard then visit the XDA Forum thread here for links and downloads.

TF3D Landscape Workaround

Note: This workaround does works only for TF3D as the active Today item. i.e. it does not work for the TF3D panel.

Update: This fix works for the TF3D Panel too. However, it is a tad bit slower for the Panel.

TF3D works wonderfully on Xperia. That is until you switch to landscape mode. Thanks to chalid at XDA Forums, a fix is now available for Touch Flo 3D in landscape mode. And the procedure is simple.

  • Install required files from here.
  • Install
  • Install
  • Soft Reset.

Though not extremely smooth, but works reasonably well. A step in the right direction.

Some screenshots:




14 Responses to “Touch Flo 3D (+ landscape workaround)”

  1. Johnny Boy

    Good to know, but ive always found the various T3D's to be unstable on my X1. Maybe its something ive got installed that conflicts, somewhere.

    I'm patiently waiting to see what the PointUI 2 people have done.
    The youtube vid looks really promising.

  2. M.Salman.K

    Fortunately, for me TF3D has been pretty stable since the first time i installed it. Well, there were times when it went all white stating that landscape not supported when i didn't even open the keyboard but hitting the panel button and going back in refreshed it.

    I don't use it much, the TF3D panel. I prefer a customized Today screen. But as Sony Ericsson intended for the Panels... i'm switching my phone interfaces from time to time and usually end up using TF3D for a day or so now and then. :)

    As for PointUI 2... i know how you feel. I'm looking for the release a lot! And it is coming soon, hopefully. Check out their site, they updated it recently:

  3. N※M

    Dear M. Salman,

    Is me again :)
    may i know where i can get the required install files if i wanted touch flo in landscape mode?
    u did provide the cab for touchflo (thansk a million for that ) but not the landscape requires file ,
    any idea?


  4. M.Salman.K

    @Nic - My bad. I thought i had the CAB file linked from the post. anyways, there's a new version of the work-around out there now... Go here:

    Please read the Known Issues topic prior to installing.

  5. Felipe "el_gricho"


    After running the cab of the Manila file, I try to look the today screen but nothing happens, so I run the cab panel and do all the steps that are mentioned; and then when I activated the pnael nothing happen neither and the screen dosen't shows anything only loading....

    I don't know what I did wrong, and I've allready tried two times....

    Xcuses for my english, I'm from colombia.... jejejeje

  6. M.Salman.K

    Hi Felipe,

    Did you install to the main storage or to the memory card? TF3D has to be on the main storage. Second... when TF3D is used, it takes its time to load - from 2 to 3 seconds to 10-15 seconds. So maybe give it time on the Loading screen.

    If still doesn't work... uninstall all Touch Flo stuff and start from step 1 again.

    Best of luck!

  7. Felipe "el_gricho"

    thanks man!!! I think that I installed the cab in the sd, so my mistake.

    but I tried again and it's working; the only thing is when I change to landscape the screen had a broken part, do u know how to fix the problem????

  8. Felipe "el_gricho"

    man, I think that I've not read the second part of the article.... jejejejej I'm going to tried. sorry

  9. M.Salman.K

    Sorry Felipe "el_gricho". Not sure what that issue is.

  10. Angus Rouse

    I installed the landscape fix on my X1i (i have it as a panel). It works perfectly well. However, there are two (unwanted) files which this fix places under 'programs'. How do I remove this? I tied hiding the files but that didn't work.

  11. Quincy

    How do i install TF3d on the xperia ?
    I copied the files to it , but how do i install it ?

    Please helpppp

  12. zehe

    halo..i want touchflo3D landscape run on my where can i download a properly run landscape(.CAB)??

  13. Matteo

    The landscape links no longer works, can you refresh them please?

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