TouchFlo 3D Skin

Posted On: Friday, January 09, 2009

Well Xperiancers, I am sure that you are aware of HTC’s Touch Flo 3D interface that was first introduced with the launch of their HTC Touch Diamond. Though initially buggy and quite lagging in performance, it is no hidden fact that with the release of HTC Touch HD the interface has not only been made compatible with WVGA resolution but also has been improved in terms of stability as well as performance.

I was impressed by the look and feel of HTC Diamond when i first saw it, but for reasons i won’t detail here, i preferred panels over Touch Flo 3D. But to be honest, Touch Flo 3D is more of an eye-candy than Panels – well at least till we get some really awesome looking panels. (COME ON SONY ERICSSON!!!)

Most of you would also know that Touch Flo 3D was ported to Xperia from Touch HD a while back and not only that but is also possible to set it up as a Panel instead of the default Today screen – which is the best combination. If by any chance you were not aware of this, then let me say ‘WAKE UP!!!’ and strongly advice you to visit the XDA Forums thread here.

That said… let me come to the point. A new cool skin for TF3D is now available at the XDA Forums. Though a simple skin that makes the tabs blue and changes the default background, but rather refreshing and more eye-catching than the original look’n’feel of TF3D.

Check out the screenshots below and if you want, then grab the file from here. Best thing is that you just have to execute a CAB file to install this theme. It is as simple as that. :)

You will also find a dialer skin and a communication manager skin. I haven’t tested these two out so if you do and want to share what you think about them, then leave a comment.

Screen06 Screen05b

Screen01 Screen04


The only thing i don’t understand is why he has a white clock while i have a black one… :(

Now if only someone can port the landscape TF3D interface from Touch Pro for use in Xperia in landscape…


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