4 new panels headed our way

Posted On: Monday, February 16, 2009

Sony Ericsson will be unveiling 4 new panels today in the Windows Mobile Congress. Finally a step in the right direction! But will they be worth it? You decide.

The panels include a Skype Panel which would probably bode well with any Skype users. Allowing you to easily call or IM any of your contacts easily, it promises to offer a pleasing UI.

The next panel is reported to be ‘On the road’. As the name suggests, this panel is specifically for when you are on the road providing you with bigger touch buttons and simplifying media streaming, GPS tools, and of course call management.

Another panel is by CNN which would deliver live news and weather directly to your Xperia. It will also feature access to CNN’s citizen journalism tool (i-report).

And finally the Mytopia panel. Poker or Bingo anyone? Yes. This will be the first gaming panel to hit Xperia. Well… i’m not entirely sure if it can be categorized as a gaming panel per se, since it is only reported to allow you access to the online bingo and poker games on mytopia.

No release date for these panels is announced yet, but are expected to be released sometime in late February or early March. For more information, head on here.


4 Responses to “4 new panels headed our way”

  1. SalmonSushi

    Well i don't see any new panels in SE funs and downloads... Windows Mobile Congress??? Where's that and how do i get it??? I thought u said today? So you lied?

  2. SalmonSushi

    LOL? According to
    "The new Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 panels will be made available sometime in March."
    which is no where close to today? Why didn't u tell us that?

  3. M.Salman.K


    I said "will be unveiling today..." not releasing today. Furthermore, today as in Monday according to EST. (it is only 9:00 AM on Monday at this very moment in America!)

  4. Newsjunky

    Sony website said April 10th for Skype panel and it's still not available, though via mobile it is! The CNN panel release date has been put back twice and currently says April 17th [yesterday] and yet it is unavailable for download. The slow rate that these panels are appearing will pushing the X1 to the sidelines. Tho' I'm not really sure I want an iPhone due to lack of proper keyboard, it has at least sorted out the app side of things. Where is the X1 Twitter app? [CETwit, PockeTwit et al are fine but only seem to work on WiFi]. The Google panel defaults to the inferior Internet Explorer [tho' it can be reconfigured if you have time and patience!] and there's no Google Talk facility. Many aspects of X1 are great. BUT, it's slow output of available software is making it less and less attractive.

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