Boom Blox – An Addictive Game

Posted On: Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Last night i came across Boom Blox for Pocket PC by Electronic Arts. The aim of the game is to solve puzzles by blasting and moving blocks in colorful 3D levels. Slide on ice blocks, blast blocks with bombs, bounce off springs, and more to level the playing field in this brain-twisting puzzle game. Featuring forty levels, the game offers the ability to create custom levels and post them online directly from your windows mobile challenging other players from around the globe with your dynamic puzzles or simply play other gamers’ creations and rate their work.

Blast ‘em with Boom Blox! To get the game, go here. The game is WVGA compatible – both in landscape and portrait.

Screen01 Screen02


8 Responses to “Boom Blox – An Addictive Game”

  1. Melk

    The game gets hard after several levels. :)

  2. M.Salman.K

    Yeah... :)

  3. Melk

    Off-topic, do you know of a WM program to help you post to Blogger (images too)? I miss this function from my old Sony Ericssons.

    I know I can go to the web page with Opera, but I was hoping for an easier way...

  4. Johnny Boy

    Also a bit O/T, But, has any of you kind folks found a version of AstroPop that will run OK on the Xperia?

    Really loved that game on java phones.

    Thanks for any useful response.

  5. M.Salman.K

    @Melk - i'll look around. I haven't found any good one yet.

  6. M.Salman.K

    @Johnny Boy - AstroPop.. hmmm... Sorry, couldn't find any version supporting Xperia's resolution.

  7. Johnny Boy

    Thanks for the reply, Man.

    No. further research says it was never released for WinMo, and as its a 2004/5 game (i believe) It was done for the screen res at that time, so no joy for me. :(

    Stay Happy.

  8. Melk

    OK, thanks! I you find something please post it somewhere. ;)

    Also, did you manage to run Quake 3 CE on X1? I tried a few versions but never got past the map loading screen.

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