New SMS – Mapping to a Soft Key

Posted On: Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thanks to Daniel Eriksson for the tip; if you want quick access to creating a new SMS then look no further.

You have no doubt noticed that assigning “Messaging” to a soft-key results in the messaging window to open – with SMS/MMS, email, and new email setup. You then click on SMS/MMS and from the menu select New –> SMS. Though not difficult to get to, when you need to SMS someone quickly it can no doubt be a bit annoying.

Mapping ‘New SMS’ to one of the soft-keys results in quicker SMS composing and a happier you. To do this all you need to do is create a Shortcut link to the tmail.exe file with the following signature:

“\Windows\tmail.exe” – service “SMS” –to “” –body “”

Then simply place the .lnk file to your ‘\Windows\Start Menu\Programs’ folder and assign the “New SMS” (or whatever the name of your .lnk file) to the proper soft key.

If you can’t get the .lnk file to work, then download it from here. (courtesy of Wensing at XDA Forums)

TIP: Placing the “New SMS.lnk” file into ‘\Windows\Start Menu\Programs’ will result it to appear in Programs screen. If you don’t want it to appear there, though you can use it to launch a new SMS from there as well, just set the hidden property of the .lnk file to true.


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