PointUI now available

Posted On: Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hi all. Thanks to Johnny Boy (a reader of the blog) for the notification… PointUI is now available for download! And they supposedly have a Panel just for Xperia!

I’ll be downloading in a bit and will post in detail with screenshots later tonight this weekend. To grab it yourself, head on over to www.pointui.com.


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  1. Johnny Boy

    HeHe! Did I wake you up, Salman?

    I'm really liking this panel. For me, it is certainly more stable than the Bell project, and i find it a lot more convenient than the touchflo3D panel i used to use. It also puts SPB panel in its place, i think.

    Definately looking forward to the Pro version. I might even have a bash at trying to script applets for it, if they finish the tutorial on the site.

    Very impressed and happy.

  2. colin38

    It's actually pretty good! But the only problem with it is that the Weather doesn't have my city!!

    The cities are quite limited.. Do you guys know a way to add more cities?

  3. Michael

    Just check the community-forum, there´s a thread there about adding your own city. Although im not sure they´ve managed to get it working just yet =)


  4. Melk

    Not so impressed about this interface. It doesn't have my city in the list, the contacts include the SIM entries and there is no way to disable that, cannot seem to change the feed from google... and there is nothing special about it.

    Maybe the "Pro" will have better options.

  5. Johnny Boy

    There are threads on XDA developers forum discussing the very issues mentioned here. There are several answers there worth looking into, particularly about adding cities.

    Bear in mind, that this is a first release. Like a beta, really.
    Bug fixes and improvements will come with a little time, i'm sure.
    Be content, after all, this is a free program.

  6. SalmonSushi

    Well if you consider BETA is "Available" then perhaps you can put it that way. But at least put a bracket or something saying that it's just a beta??

  7. M.Salman.K

    Available means available for immediate download, but it definitely is important to mention that it is available in Beta only... I'll make sure to mention so in the future.

  8. Johnny Boy

    I'm leaning more towards SPB 3 at the moment, but just a heads up to say that PointUI 2 pro is now available for $19.95.

    I havent had a good look to see what its got over the free edition, yet, but i have to say i'm interested.

    See ya later. peeps.

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