Windows Mobile 6.5 Beta 2 on Xperia

Posted On: Monday, February 16, 2009

When Beta 2 of Windows Mobile 6.5 hit HTC HD, it was given that it would show its face on Xperia soon. And the time has come. What is the difference between this beta over the previous one? It includes a couple of Windows Mobile 6.5 interface in raw format. I say raw in the sense that the interface though working is not optimized and is buggy, but it definitely gives a good indication of what is coming in Windows Mobile 6.5.

With Windows Mobile 6.5 being officially unveiled this week in the Windows Mobile Congress 2009, if it gets you excited enough, you might want to try out this beta. For me, i am going to try it out regardless of any announcements in the WMC. I’ll post my findings/xperiance with the beta 2 later this week as soon as i get the chance to flash it onto my device.

For more information or to download the ROM, thanks to itje at XDA developers, go here.

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  1. DJ Rick Kraft

    Woot, 6.5! Now, just an easier way to SMS people... :D

  2. Rachel Burr

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