Xperia – Generic UK ROM Updated

Posted On: Sunday, February 01, 2009

Those Xperiancers who have the Generic UK ROM and have been holding out on updating their device in wait of the R2 release of the ROM can now breathe easy. Yes! Sony Ericsson has finally released the updated Generic UK ROM. Why the delay? No idea. I’m downloading the updated firmware now to move from the Vodafone UK R2 ROM to the Generic R2 ROM. To download, go here. (Thank you PavelX1 at XDA Forums for allowing easy access to these ROM files)


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  1. Abdulla Ameer

    hey man,
    i'm kind of confused right with all this. i guess its too much tech for my brain to handle.
    my question is, what is this GENERIC UPDATE? what does it do? i don't seem to get what the HARD SPL is as well.
    i went to the xda-developers page -> then to the rapidshare with all of the updates. i dont know which one to download. there were like 3 UK ones. i'm in the middle east by the way. so which one should i download?
    and i tried update my x1 using the UPDATE SERVICE but it kept "identifying ..." for like 3 hours. and i tried it again and it didn't even reach that part.


  2. M.Salman.K

    Well... you want to download the Generic UK one, not the Vodafone UK or the O2 UK one - the reason is that Vodafone and O2 ROMs contain network specific settings, programs, and trialware - which you won't need 'coz you are not using either O2 or Vodafone.

    I am in Pakistan, and i'm using the Generic UK ROM.

    As for HardSPL... don't worry about that one. You usually need that to flash a custom ROM that can't be applied directly. Here you don't need that.

    Best of luck!

  3. SalmonSushi

    Dude, that ROM no one knows whether its official, unknown source, possibily fake, even XDA post said the genuine GENERIC UK ROM isnt public yet, AND U POST IT HERE AND SAYS "Sony Ericsson has finally released the updated Generic UK ROM"??? wtf man STOP MISLEADING PEOPLE

  4. Admin

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  5. Uzak Yıldız'dan

    Here you can download great collection with seven xperia roms crafted for speed, performance ect.

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