Xperia Panels Competition comes to an end – What now?

Posted On: Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Sony Ericsson content awards for 2008 have come to an end, and the winner of the best new Xperia Panel is SPB’s Traveler Panel!

This panel by SPB provides with a number of useful travelling tools including a currency converter, flight search, multi-time zone diary, and a phrasebook. Among other nominees were Evernote,, Mobisystems (for their English to Japanese dictionary), and PlusFourSize (for the Swedish operator 3’s panel).

Are these panels available? As far as i searched, neither could i find any mention of these on the respective company sites, nor were these panels located in the Panels section of Sony Ericsson’s Fun & Downloads page.

C’mon Sony Ericsson! Step it up. Where are all the panels that were supposed to be available? Maybe at-least support C#/VB.Net for the Panel SDK so that people can create panels with ease and quickly.


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  1. Mori's Blog

    I know!!!! I have been thinking the same thing! It's been a few days already and no announcement has been made on who the winner was. How did you find out? And thanks to your updates almost everyday. It's been my pleasure.

  2. Pointui

    The idea is nice but DLLs are nasty to write. We decided that scripting was the way to go,

  3. M.Salman.K

    @Mori - I remembered that they were to announce the winners in Feb, so check yesterday and it said that winners would be announced on the 9th... and when i checked the site again today, there it was.

    I really was expecting the panels to be available for download as well... but no sir. nothing! Hopefully we'll get them soon.

  4. Mori's Blog

    Thanks Salman- yes I went to the SE website and found out. The application from SBP looks great and am looking forward to buy or download. Do you guys think that there will only be just a few panels that will come out of this?

  5. M.Salman.K

    I'm giving SE the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully we'll see more panels soon... some that we can be really proud of!

    The way i see it... all interfaces out there can be converted into panels by their developers. For instance, PointUI maybe. Or a WAD panel. and so on... The biggest problem is that most are coding in .Net these days, and SE not supporting C# or VB.Net for their panel development is a big let down.

    Let's just hope that things turn out better eventually.

  6. M.Salman.K

    @PointUI - Hmmm... are you actually one the PointUI guys?

    I did visit that link a few days back, and i am looking forward to PointUI's release to try out my hand at scripting. I am a C#/VB.Net developer, so is kind of exciting that the scripting language is extremely close to C#.

    To be honest, I wasn't much enthusiased about PointUI but then i got my hands on Bell UI/Experience and now i am dying to get my hands on PointUI!

    Best Regards.
    Salman Khalid.

  7. kussovski

    Hi guys,
    You may try some phrasebook X1 panels from MobiSystems here:

  8. Dominik

    Hm, why did I think it would be more of a community, user-driven thing, this competition? Oh I'm really sure the whole SPB software house is gonna be super excited from one new X1 phone and SE visit they get xD
    Hopefully a least these panels will be available soon.

  9. Johnny Boy

    Totally dissapointed at this stage.
    If MWC comes and goes without any new panel content, i think that will be the beginning of the end for SE panel concept with the X1.

    I am now using the free pointui 2panel, available from Pointui site. Very impressed.

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