Finger Keyboard 2

Posted On: Friday, March 06, 2009

Not satisfied with the soft keyboard on your device? Don’t worry, FingerKeyboard is here.

FingerKeyboard is a very stylish keyboard with a great key layout and cool features. Developed by Exidler & Rozenthal of XDA Developers, the keyboard boasts a lot of features including;

  • one of the most (if not the most) touch screen finger-friendly keyboards out there
  • great looking
  • supports both portrait and landscape modes
  • supports WVGA, WQVGA, QVGA, and VGA
  • supports different language layouts
  • has a numeric layout for fast typing of numbers
  • supports selectable color schemes
  • supports Windows Mobile Contact name suggestions
  • supports Windows Mobile Word suggestions (DOES NOT SUPPORT T9!)
  • has excellent layout of buttons in both portrait and landscape
  • many cool functions: text selection, cut+copy+paste, home, end, single word deletion, single line deletion, whole text deletion etc.
  • preset emoticons for fast typing of smile-faces
  • preset web browsing shortcuts for fast typing of web and e-mail addresses
  • highly customizable (requires editing txt files, tough)
  • supports click sounds when typing
  • has a configuration utility that allows selecting lanuages and color schemes
  • now comes in a .cab file for easier installation


And best of all, it is completely FREE!

To download go here.

Screen08 Screen07




8 Responses to “Finger Keyboard 2”

  1. Melk

    Welcome back! ;)

    Do you know if this is better than SPB Keyboard 4 - which I am using right now?

    Can it set itself as default after a soft reset?

  2. M.Salman.K

    @Melk - Thanks... Been busy with work... :)

    Personally, i like it better than SPB Keyboard as well as HTC Touch Keyboard. (haven't tested out the Touch Pro 2 ported keyboard yet as that is buggy and doesn't work properly)

  3. Johnny Boy

    Hi, Salman.
    Good to see you back, especially after the fun of the last week in your city. Hope all is good with you.

    My interest is peeked by this, wondering though, do you know if this will run ok with SPB (and skins) still installed, or should i remove that one first?

  4. M.Salman.K

    @Johnny Boy - Yeah. It was horrific. I slept through most of it and found out about the incident later in the evening... ;)

    As for installing the keyboard with SPB Keyboard still installed; although i haven't personally tried doing that, i think that it should create no problems at all. (Just switch to whichever keyboard you want...)

  5. Joel_Shinoda

    Hey Salman.
    Could you tell me which files I've to download and install? I tried it with the FingerKeyb-2.0-WVGA file. I softreset my X1 but I can't select the SMS name option neither the text suggestion. If I try to open the keyboard I get an Error Message. What should I do? Thanks for your help.

  6. M.Salman.K

    @Joel - I installed as well. I did not do a soft reset, and after installation i set the keyboard as default via settings.

    I did however intall to internal memory and not the storage card?

  7. Andrew

    A new version is available for download at the following URL

    This is version 2.1

  8. Derick

    I am LOVING there any chance in development for a fingerkeyboard2 branded compact qwerty?

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