Growing Panel – Finally a Cool Panel!

Posted On: Thursday, March 19, 2009

UpdateMore Detail of the panel here.

Included in the R3 ROM, and available as a CAB download – courtesy of itje at XDA forums – Xperia finally gets a Panel that is actually cool! Not much “Important stuff” is displayed on this dynamic flash based panel other than the current date and time. Visually appealing, the panel can be thought of as a screensaver on your desktop – growing plants, falling leaves, bees and snails… It is simply a panel that you can switch to when at a party or taking time off.

To try it out, head on here (look in the second post). If possible, send itje a donation to appreciate his hard work!

(FYI – You will need to install an ActiveX Plugin for the panel to work)

Some screenshots below…

1 2

Screen01 Screen02




5 Responses to “Growing Panel – Finally a Cool Panel!”

  1. Melk

    It's nice that it changes the graphics to match the time of day.

  2. M.Salman.K

    Yeah... i kind of love the panel!!! :D

    I'm not really sure if it is a Flash panel... maybe uses the OpenGL ES that was recently announced to be supported in the new SDK???

  3. Erik

    Thanks for the panel. Think that you should use %CE1% (path to program folder) instead of program files when installing the registry keys. Since I'm from sweden (our "program files" is named "program") I had to edit the registry keys to point the panel manager to the right location for you excellent panel.

    To help other with this problem... use your favourite registry editor and browse to \HKLM\Software\SonyEricsson\PanelManager\Panels\Growing Panel and edit all keys to point to your program folder.

  4. Laffe

    Hej Erik!

    Kan du svenska? (tänkte eftersom du var från Sverige).

    Hur ändrade du så att du kunde ha det på din Xperia?
    Skulle du kunna göra en .cab som jag kan ha på min xperia (den är Svensk).

    Tacksam för svar!


  5. bruno

    I have the panel installed on my x1 so that he does not appear in the panel manager selects me it could someone help me please?

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