Touch-IT v4.5 ROM – The Best Custom ROM

Posted On: Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ever since I got my Xperia, I have been following the XDA Forums closely. itje at XDA Forums has continuously grabbed my attention, most recently with the Touch Flo 3D Landscape (from Touch Pro 2) custom ROM. Though it started off as a Beta with tons of issues, he updated the ROM to a new Beta version from time to time with various fixes and additions. He recently released the final version of his Custom ROM (with of course Touch Flo 3D taken from the prototype models of Pro 2), and since then i have had the best Xperiance with my Xperia.

The Custom ROM is by far the best ROM i have used so far on my Xperia. Really great performance and fast speed. Touch Flo 3D itself is running way better than i have ever tested it before. Thank you itje for a great Xperiance!

If you want to give this custom ROM a try, head on here.

Note: Installing a Custom ROM requires HardSPL. HardSPL your Xperia at your own risk.


Screen03 Screen04





13 Responses to “Touch-IT v4.5 ROM – The Best Custom ROM”

  1. Felipe "el_gricho"

    Welcome back, finally u post something new, i've been waiting to long for this jejejejejej, i also been really keen in the itje's work, he is really impressive,.....

    I hope u keep posting (i know that is not the only thing that u do), but I think that is the best blog for all the xperiancer aruond the web.

  2. Abdulla Ameer

    Certainly true. Its the only worthy site that is deticated to our Xperias rocket launcher.

  3. M.Salman.K

    hehe... thanks guys. Alhumdulillah (thanks to God) i got a promotion 2 weeks back and that brings with it a couple of new responsibilities and the requirement to work harder. So... I can't promise to be frequent, but I'll definitely do my best to be.

    Maybe in the near future... i'll add some other Xperiancers as co-authors on the blog... i think that might be good for the blog. :)

  4. Abdulla Ameer

    Inshalla you get your next promotion sometime soon. You look like hard worker.

  5. M.Salman.K

    hehe... thanks!

  6. The Story of My Dreams Made To Reality

    like the theme, where did you get it.
    Awesome post as well!

  7. M.Salman.K

    No theme... it is Touch Flo 3D 2 from Touch Pro 2...

  8. DeVaL!aN Lee

    hmm.. somehow i feel ITJE rom super slow... tried once flash to Jack's ROM.. a lot more faster than ITJE 1..

    really a lot faster n more practical to use.. i mean i run the thing 1 wan much much more faster than ITJE 1.. ITJE is fast update, but slow rom. sorry for that.

    im so glad 2day, that i saw Jack's Super Lite 3.0 comes out. which would b super fast, flashing to it later. somemore got UC, i can install everything 1 shot..

    shoot me with an email anytime.

  9. M.Salman.K

    @DeVaL!aN - Jack's ROM is definitely fast, but i don't think it is faster than Itje's ROM per se.

    The facts are these: Jack creates a base/lite ROM, where-as Itje includes a couple of things with his ROM versions... Install the same apps on Jack's and it will be as fast at Itje's.

    I have been using Itje's ROM (not the 4.5 version but a RC release of his ROM in Beta stages) since a while now and no complaints in regards to speed.

  10. SalmonSushi

    The rom is so bloody slow and it even FREEZE when i rotate the panel screen! and i have to softreset...... Im rolling back to R2 since it continuously FREEZE, and it no way faster than R2! Unless you still heaps of crap onto ur R2.

  11. M.Salman.K

    @SalmonSushi - try re-flashing it. It works superb on my set! I would do a video for you if i had a video recorder... :)

  12. ZeroKoOoL

    Whats the fall back if Flashing screws up? I am using Daniel CABS but its seems bit slow I wouldn't want to fry my X1...since my company paid for it!

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