Xperia gets its own Soft-Keyboard

Posted On: Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another goodie to look for in the upcoming R3 ROM update is a new soft-keyboard in Xperia. Better than the default Windows Mobile keyboard – of course – and competing head on with the Touch-IT Keyboard, the main advantage that it has over HTC’s EzInput is that it has Next Word Prediction. Word Prediction works really great and remembers your previous entries and thus is friendlier to use.

To install the keyboard and try it out, head on to the Touch-IT v4.5 thread and look at the second post. However note that installing the soft-keyboard disables the AU key for some reason. There is a registry hack to fix this issue, but the using the hack turns off T9!

I myself have not personally tested out the keyboard. Below are some screenshots courtesy of aussiebum at XDA Forum.




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  1. Putera DedeQ

    how to download it?

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    thxs a lot

  3. valentinos

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