Xtrakt – A 3D Game for Xperia

Posted On: Thursday, March 19, 2009

Now who was it that insisted that Xperia lacked a 3D chip? Thanks to itje for basing his latest Custom ROM on the leaked R3AA ROM and seperately providing CABs to some of the goodies available in the new ROM version, you can get your hands on ‘Xtrakt’ - a new 3D game by Sony Ericsson – right now! The game has really great graphics and runs quite smoothly on the device. Though it warns not to run any other applications when playing the game, it ran just fine with SPB Screenshot running besides it.

Best controlled with a stylus, you control the main character of the game on a future motorcycle destroying monsters. Doesn’t sound too appealing, i know, but the game is actually good! Better than many games that i’ve played on my iPhone and opens the door to better gaming on Windows Mobile. (True that an accelerometer would have been quite handy in handling the bike, but stylus/finger control of the bike sits well with the game).

To download head on here. You do not need to flash to the custom ROM to play this game. However, there definitely might be better graphics drivers in the R3AA ROM than the R2 or R1 ROMs.

Some screenshots (note that the game runs in full mode, it was when i used SPB Screenshot to grab the screenshots did the taskbar and menu-bar appeared):





19 Responses to “Xtrakt – A 3D Game for Xperia”

  1. mail

    it's legal?
    it's freeware?
    any official link?

  2. M.Salman.K

    No official announcement or links. Not available on SE's site either.

    It is in the R3AA ROM... taken from that, CAB available on the forum I linked. If it hadn't been legal/freeware, XDA Mods would have had it removed by now.

  3. Melk

    Very nice game. Now we have three games using hardware 3D... this, Call Of Duty 2 and Thony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. Or is there any other I missed?

  4. Abdulla Ameer

    Just a sec. Are the games that "Melk" listed freeware?

  5. M.Salman.K

    @Abdulla - COD 2 and Pro Skater 2 are not freeware... you have to pay for them.

  6. M.Salman.K

    @Melk - COD 2 doesn't work full-screen. Does it?!?!?

    Furthermore... Xtrakt the first game to be released by SE for Xperia using its 3D chip... which is quite unexpected of SE.

  7. Abdulla Ameer

    I think that i speak the truth when i say that "itje" has made a bigger contribution to the X1 than the Sony Ericsson corporation.

    SE should make itje the head of the X2 dvelopment team. Yeah.

  8. M.Salman.K

    @Abdulla - Tha's true... a lot of people have done a lot better job at doing various things than SE itself... But itje is definitely at the top! :)

  9. Melk

    I have COD 2 working fullscreen. But I think the soldiers are streched, they look somehow funny. And it's hard to control. Anyway, it works...

    Itje is good, but he is using a leaked SE ROM combined with TF3D. It's not like he made those apps, SE and HTC did.

  10. M.Salman.K

    @Melk - Of course HTC and SE did... but it takes effort and hard work to port one thing from one device and get it working completely on another. TF3D2 in its initial beta releases was completely unstable and full of bugs... but now in v4.5 of his ROM release... it is almost perfect! Furthermore... a custom ROM means that he is simply not using the leaked SE ROM, but modified it to however he thought best and then used it... (i'm sure you are aware of this, but just pointing out...)

  11. Melk

    Yeah, I know you have to really know what you're doing to mix two unreleased ROMS and also correct their bugs. Maybe I'll try his work when R3AA is officially released and I have to wipe out all my data from X1. Until then, I am grateful to have some updates like the panel manager, media panel, growing panel, camera with gps and autolight and this game.

    I usually don't have the time to install everything back to the device so I don't hard reset and change ROMS often. Also, I read his thread and it seems 4.5 still has some bugs, maybe when R3AA is official his ROM will also be completely stable and I can decide which one to keep.

  12. M.Salman.K

    @Melk - i agree with you... but one thing is for certain. A custom ROM based on stuff that is not finalized yet is going to contain a bug or two. With itje's Touch-IT v4.5, it is not only using a proto-version of TF3D2 but also a leaked version of R3 ROM version of Xperia... which is why the stability of the custom ROM is to be praised!

    Honestly... i have been using the RC release of itje's ROM since 2+ weeks now and it has been a great experience... i will be moving to 4.5 later tonight or tomorrow.

    As for hard-resetting the device... i don't hesitate much in doing so - but then i have all my data syncing over the air with Microsoft Exchange and MyPhone... so i pretty much don't loose anything.

  13. Melk

    But you only back up your contacts, these I have too in Outlook. But I also lose all the settings, I have to reinstall applications, panels, keyboard etc. I don't have the patience to do this often. But the next time I do I'll try the Touch-IT 4.5.

    I would use SPB Backup, but I don't think it's good to restore a backup over a different ROM...

    PS - Maybe you should try to have embedded comments in your blog template and to get rid of the verification text. It will make commenting easier. It's just a small setting in the blogger control panel.

  14. tonie

    doesn't work with my omnia 1900 phone.. it says maybe some components are missing.. i can't understand, i followed the link and just downloaded it... please help me. i think the game is really cool! -email me at "astridity21@gmail.com

  15. tonie

    moreover when i figure it wouldn't work with my omnia, i uninstalled it and it left some few files on my phone and took up some space from my phone and not on the storage card where i installed it.. i think it left some files on the "windows folder"

  16. wofgtg

    I like your post.

  17. Sergey

    Xtrakt – A 3D Game for Xperia ?

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