He Made a Guide for Xperia/WinMo

Posted On: Monday, April 13, 2009

If you are an Xperiancer or use any other Win Mo device, then take note: Maple Douglas at XDA Forums recently completed an extensive guide for Xperia and Windows Mobile. It is by far one of the most useful guides available out there and he promises to keep it growing with time. A definite must-read for any Xperia newbie.

I just wish he had written this when i had purchased my Xperia a couple of months back and was a newbie in the WinMo world, but i guess better late than never. Though i haven’t browsed it completely yet, it has already brought to my attention a fix for TouchWiz (Omnia’s Interface) for WVGA devices!

Already added to the top of my favorite’s list, bookmark it now: http://geekedout.se/winmo.php


2 Responses to “He Made a Guide for Xperia/WinMo”

  1. Abdulla Ameer

    Its a great link. Very useful if i just got my X1, as you mentioned. The only thing is that it doesn't discuss flashing ROMs and such, and that was the only thing i was looking for.

    So i need some help. I feel the need of a WINMO 6.5, but the problem is that whenever i go to one of the threads on xda-forums, it looks like it has been shut down. So can anyone give a link that is still working and goives the complete steps to making my X1 into a 6.5

  2. lars

    ROMs are actually discussed in the guide: http://geekedout.se/winmo.php#xperiaroms

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