Quick Tweaks for TouchFlo 3D 2

Posted On: Friday, April 10, 2009

Using TouchFlo 3D 2 on your Xperia? If yes, then you’ll be happy to know that XDA-Developers have released a set of tweaks for TouchFlo 3D 2. The set includes:

  • Ability to toggle enhanced notifications.
  • Ability to toggle large menus.
  • Ability to disable/enable rotation of TF3D.
  • Ability to hide/show programs tab.
  • Ability to toggle between classic and Touch Flo start menu.

Though the tweaks were released for Touch Pro & Touch Diamond phones, they are working perfectly on Xperia. I used it to show the Programs tab in Touch Flo 3D 2 and to revert back to the original Xperia Start Menu. To download, head on here.



15 Responses to “Quick Tweaks for TouchFlo 3D 2”

  1. Melk

    Didn't follow this TF3D 2 stuff too closely... is there any solution to use TF3D 2 as a panel on a standard R2AA ROM?

  2. M.Salman.K

    As far as i'm aware, i don't think so... i'm really loving TF3D 2 on the main today screen this time - loads super fast on device startup and comes up instantly on panel switching... :)

  3. Abdulla Ameer

    Hey Salman, whats the difference between the older TouchFlo 3D and the newer TouchFlo 3D 2?

  4. M.Salman.K

    @Abdulla - You should definitely look for videos on YouTube. On the face, it doesn't seem much different, but in reality it dives in depth with deeper integration into Windows Mobile. for instance, you can send SMS or compose a quick e-mail to a contact from within TF3D 2 instead of opening Messaging.

    The biggest change? The interface works in Landscape. :)

  5. Davis

    Hi Salman,

    What ROM are you currently using?

    is it itje's ROM?

  6. M.Salman.K


    I've been using itje's ROM 4.5 version since it was released. I recently flashed to the WinMo 6.5 ROM (by itje) and am loving that as well - despite it not having TF3D 2...

    Salman Khalid.

  7. Davis

    Hi Salman,

    I am really tempted to flased my device to the WinMo 6.5 ROM..

    I admit that I am too lazy to read the entire thread.. :P Have you encountered any major bugs?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. M.Salman.K

    The latest WinMo6.5 by itje is quite stable - the only issue i face is when going to the panel interface, it can hang for a couple of seconds (like 4 to 6 seconds). Other than that it is working awesome.

    In short - if you want to flash to a ROM to stay on for a long time, then i advice not to flash the WinMo 6.5 at the moment and wait for a more stable release. (though i will be staying on this ROM for a while, i don't know if you have the patience to do take the plunge just now... :D)

  9. Davis

    Hi Salman,

    I made the plunge.. and I really like it!

    I might stay with this ROM for quite a while..

    I really like 6.5's today screen. It is really clean.

  10. M.Salman.K

    I agree... the WinMo 6.5 today screen is simple and elegant.

  11. Melk

    You really should try Yrgo 3.0, looks interesting. I'll test it next week, I think...


  12. Melk

    Very soon I'll have to hard reset my phone, it's beginning to be extremely slow...

    I wanted to ask you what version of ijte's ROM is the best these days. I don't want WM6.5. I saw that there's 5.61 and 7, I don't know which is more stable.

    And another thing... do you knwow if ijte's ROMs are disabling the accent (au) key on the keyboard? I know that if I have the Touch IT Keyboard or the SE keyboard with T9 - that key will not work anymore.

  13. Salman

    @Melk - 7 is the latest and so give that a whirl... Afraid that i'm not sure about the au key.

    As for Yrgo 3.0... been trying it out for a while now but don't like it much. Will post about it on the blog in the next day or so in detail.

  14. Melk

    Ok, I'll ask if the au key works in the forum. It's pretty important to me.

    Yrgo is interesting, but they still have a lot to do. The thing I like the most is that you can add as a widget the standard Today items. Can't do that in TouchFlo or in SPB Mobile Shell and I need this for G-Alarm and SPB Wireless Monitor. :(

  15. Masoud

    dear xda developer , i've install this pack on my HTC DIAMOND 2 and it's so good , BUT A BUG : when standard start menu is avtive and Program Tab is active too , when i go to Program tab and return back , the All Programs & Remove links still survive in other tabs , have you solution to solve this BUG ?

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