Update: It should be noted that the leaked SPB Mobile Shell 3.0 package is not the final version. It has a few bugs and hiccups but overall works really smooth. It is best that y’all wait for the final version to hit their website.

SPB Software House is close to releasing SPB Mobile Shell 3.0 according to their website, but it seems a leaked CAB file has made its way across the internet which I, of course, installed as soon as i found it! Any Windows Mobile user should be familiar with SPB Shell for Windows Mobile. At one time it was the only software out there that allowed a great deal of customization to the Windows Mobile user interface, but now with the simple yet powerful and sleek looking PointUI, Touch Flo 3D 2, TouchWiz, etc. making their way into the market, does SPB Mobile Shell stand a chance? More importantly, does SPB Mobile Shell 3.0 deliver what was expected of it?

In short – it does! Ok so the interface does look kind of plain (especially in comparison to TouchFlo3d and PointUI) but with skinning capabilities (which will hopefully happen soon), SPB Mobile Shell 3.0 might just come out on top. It is a powerful, extensive, and easily customizable replacement for the Windows Mobile interface. I won’t be using it much on my main Today Screen – especially when i love WinMo 6.5’s today screen, but i will definitely be purchasing the panel version once it hits the panel library.

Some notes on Mobile Shell 3.0; Includes two Home screens – Professional and Lifestyle. Provides the ability to customize the lifestyle home screen by adding and removing widgets – widgets can be dragged to any location on the screen. Carousel Contacts is a fun and exciting way to go through favorites. Implements Facebook integration to update contact pictures and retrieve additional details for contacts. Programs and other pages load all information on the same page for easy scrolling rather than flicking through multiple pages.

Check out the screenshots below…

Screen01 Screen16

Screen19 Screen29

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6 Responses to “SPB Mobile Shell 3.0 – Does it live up to its expectations?”

  1. Johnny Boy

    Hiya Salman.
    Agree with what you say, there. I think this one will be the winner.
    I will reserve full judgemwnt till the pro version of Pointui 2 is out, but i cant see them beating SPB 3.
    Its just so easy to add/remove widgets. Brilliant!
    Hope they do it as a panel ( cant see any reason why they shouldnt ), With skinning ability, it should be A1 software.

    Stay happy, man.

  2. Salman

    Honestly i see a lot of potential in PointUI, but that is kind of limited in functionality when it comes down to comparison with SPB Shell 3.0.

    I think they'll release a panel version... i don't see why not either... :D

  3. Gil Bouhnick

    SPB Mobile Shell 3.0 was officially released today and after using an early release for over a week I must say it's very good.

    It has some nice improvements and above all - it is working extremely fast!

    You are invited to read my review in my blog The MobileSpoon

  4. Sam

    10 minutes ago I found your blog for the first time

    5 minutes ago I read this post

    1 minute ago SPB emailed to offer me SPB Mobile Shell 3.0 for free (I purchased the old version less than 90 days ago)

  5. Salman

    @Sam - lol! that is kind of funny. :)

    Let us know how your xperiance with Shell 3.0 goes...

    @Gil - Cool! Thanks man. I got a Press release, am installing it at the moment... ;)

  6. sandip

    i want this panel hoe to get it

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