Is this the new Xperia: X2?

Posted On: Sunday, June 07, 2009

Well well… there have been rumors floating around since a while, and seems pictures are leaking onto the internet now. Looks like Sony Ericsson is getting ready for a new Xperiance. Personally, i love my Xperia and its metallic look, but this one looks promising too (though only a 3.1 megapixel camera again!): (Pictures taken from Engadget and




5 Responses to “Is this the new Xperia: X2?”

  1. boer

    No 3.2 Mp camera again... It says 8.1!

    I hope this is true, because this camera sucks monkey dick! And on the picure you can clearly see two speakers.. So i hope they pumped up the audio system! :P The X1 speaker is a discrase for HTC (Since HTC build the device).. My old HTC 730 (but also the 740) have an amazing loud speaker. I would like to see this also on the X2.
    If the case also would't break that often then i would have my dream phone! :P:P

  2. Couteau

    Thought from the last pic, it clearly states that the camera is 8.1 (near the lense).

  3. M.Salman.K

    I couldn't decide if it is 8.1 or 3.1... :)

  4. Graf0

    Now in silver!

  5. Acid

    i really loved xperia x10...better interface and hardware...

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