Xperia X2 – Silver Caught on Camera

Posted On: Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sony Ericsson X2, though yet unannounced by the company, is making its way to the news now and again. And this time, it has been spotted in Silver.

Exclusive pictures posted at jjlifeblog, posted here for your convenience. I own a Black Xperia X1 at the moment, now i’m sold on the Silver X2. (I just hope that the keyboard on this one goes through a makeover prior to release)

Overall, the X1 looks better than X2, but hopefully this is not the final look’n’feel of the device.




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  1. Robin

    I hope this is not the final design, I do not like the new style. Xperia for me is reconizible by its navigation buttons with crossing lines that saperate the buttons.
    That is just with i like so much from the X1

  2. Robin

    BTW, with windows 7 comming, is it not a rule from WM that there is icon-button with the logo on it?
    And oes is not suppose to be on the front of the fone?

  3. A S

    Wow the first look on the X2! Thx!

    For what i can see, a big plus of the new X2 is that it looks as if the screen is "on top" of the frontpanel.. where the X1 its "in" the frontpanel. This makes it a lot easier to click in the corners then now with the X1

    Together with you I hope this is not the final design. I love the design of the X1.

  4. Dean

    @Robin: windows 'mobile' 7 :P

    but i think they can get around that by saying it's on the keyboard. Another thing with Windows 7 would be the multi-touch.

    The buttons don't look feasible... especially the X-Panel button, just right under is the mouth piece... but if that's how they are going to design the buttons, then plastic would have to be the choice of material. I wonder if they are going to have a D-Pad, but some what more ergonomic than X1's, cos the middle touch-pad if enabled just gets in the way of the up button.

    The keyboard looks very practical... I see they've used up the whole keyboard, which is nice, hate going through the symbols.

    Design wise, hopefully they make some reiterations, but other than that the specs are to die for. Hope that it qualifies for WinMo 7's chassis 1 specs.

  5. Chengdesigner


  6. brian

    JUNE 11TH? JEEZ...

  7. Graf0

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  8. Graf0

    I hope Salman is OK...

    Anyway some more stuff on the Xperia Series from

  9. Graf0

    ...and more

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