Hyper Fluid for TF3D

Posted On: Friday, July 31, 2009

Rotastrain at XDA Dev Forums is cooking up a neat modification for TouchFlo 3D – Hyper Fluid, a vertical slider. They idea is to hide the Touch Flo slider at the bottom to provide more space on-screen while using Hyper to switch through tabs. Though not released yet and no indication as to when it will actually be released, but you can get a quick overview from the following video:


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  1. Andreas

    hey. my x1i been broken se finally sending me a new one an x1a. i never got custom roms before just had spb 3.0 im trying to understand all the different roms on xda. Was wondering if you can recommend a rom that is stable and working that looks good and has all the cool features like improved camera youtube, better onscreen dailing etc etc.. :)

    thx for the help

  2. Abdulla Ameer

    Salman, i accidentley found it while i was wondering around looking for nothing. here's the link:


  3. M.Salman.K

    @Abdulla - Thanks!

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