Omnia II – Looking Good!

Posted On: Friday, July 31, 2009

Samsung Omnia II i8000 has made its way to release and i must say, it is looking really good! I liked the original Omnia Smartphone regardless of its limited RAM and other drawbacks, but what really held me back was the stylus with that – honestly! Not sure what the stylus with the Omnia II is like (is it as bulky and ridiculous to carry as the first one?) but looking at the mobile makes me kind of drool. :)

Don’t get me wrong, i am confident in my decision to go for an Xperia, and if i do switch anytime soon, it would most likely be Xperia 2 – if and only if i can come up with the cash to cover whatever hefty price tag it’ll come out with, but Omnia II would probably be my choice (as of now) for a set if i wanted one without a keyboard. Check out the reviews at Pocket Now. (Hardware Tour & Widget Tour)

With that said… with Xperia i believe we had the best of most and with Xperia 2 we’ll probably have the best of everything (with added Accelerometer, increased Processor and RAM, etc.) But one thing is for sure, just like i love to use TF3D2 on my Xperia from time-to-time, i would definitely love to see the new/updated Omnia Widget interface ported onto Xperia as well… Wish i had the knowledge and capabilities of some of the XDA Devs… ;)


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