Ready to go chrome?

Posted On: Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Check out what one fellow Xperiancer (Paul White) did with his Xperia X1’s battery cover. I must admit, it looks awesome and I am now seriously considering doing something similar this weekend – especially since my X1’s battery cover is extremely faded! (For details click on the picture or here.)



4 Responses to “Ready to go chrome?”

  1. Graf0

    Hah this is pretty cool!
    My black cover looks bad after it fell on the pavement. 8(

  2. Unknown

    had done it ages ago but with 3 m kitchen scrub am posting pics i had left it matt finish so that there where no finger smudges also it keeps the xperia paint logo intact cheers

  3. Unknown

    On his website he says the polish is also good for removing scratches on the screen... Anyone try it?

  4. Unknown

    bling bling ! :D looks nice. for your watch too.

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