SPB Shell Panel 3.0 for Xperia

Posted On: Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good news is that SPB has finally released the panel version of SPB Shell 3.0.1. Bad news? So far only the Korean version has surfaced.


You can grab the .Cab file from here. Having tested it for a couple of minutes, I like the overall speed of the panel and it feels good to finally have a panel of such depth! Now if we could only get the English version soon…!


To switch the Korean panel to English, just delete the file SpbMobileShell.txt in the installed path (my device/program files/spb mobile shell) to make it English. (Thanks to Lars for the handy tip…)


Click here to get a solution to fix SMS/MMS if it is not working on your device…


18 Responses to “SPB Shell Panel 3.0 for Xperia”

  1. Graf0

    As I am an everyday SPB.Shell.v3 user this is great news. I'll keep an eye out for the english version.

  2. Timfal1

    Just remove the spbmobileshell.txt in programfiles/spbmobileshell and you will have it working in english!

  3. boer

    This is the thing that i have missed on SPB Mobile Shell 3!!

    Now i got i working and all but when i try to replace the text file with a dutch text file SPB says "this device is not suported" and when i delete the file its english and working again.. so weird.

    Does anybody now how to solve this problem?

  4. yamagatacamille

    Ooh, something that'll compete with touchflo in terms of usage. SPB MS3 is very versatile and so far less buggy than TF3D

    thx for sharing and thx to timfal for the Eng fix, it works!

  5. Tuomas

    This is (almost) perfect! The SMS/MMS button is not working on my phone - anybody else experiencing similar problems?

  6. Pinank

    I agree with Tuomas...SMS/MMS button is not working on my phone too...

    Any solution????

  7. M.Salman.K

    Updated the post with fix for SMS/MMS button...

  8. Eduardo

    Can someone tell if this is a light version of the spb MS 3.0? It has the same features as a panel?

  9. M.Salman.K

    @Eduardo - I think it has everything from the original SPB MS 3.0 in the panel... might be missing a couple of settings perhaps, but feature-wise seems exactly the same. (I haven't used the full SPB Shell 3.0 since long so can't be 100% sure)

  10. Eduardo

    Yep, I've been testing it and it lacks some settings, but nothing important. Nice piece ofo software. Going to fix the SMS button right now, keep us posted with the english version

  11. Mzi


    Looks great, you can use the e-mail button to get into the sms part till it's fixed.

  12. Hoang

    The instruction is not clear. how to add/change registry with the attached file? Pls help...the SMS button is still not working for me

  13. Radio


    Help me please how did i get this on my phone. I've the phone just a week. please help me

  14. Saukki


    Am I doing something wrong here? I replaced the MobileShell.exe with the new one and put the other file in the same folder. Still the SMS button doesn't work. Could it be that I'm using WM in Finnish?

  15. Yohanes Indro Laksono

    To have this panel in English version, please feel free to download at http://www.sonyericsson.com/fun/wxhtml/fnd?cc=id&lc=id#ts=1251780826648;promotionId=0;applstate=contentlisting.contentdetails;contentCategoryId=800;filterId=0;genreId=-1;startIndex=15;phoneId=11472;contentItemId=34685
    It is an official Indonesian Sony Ericsson website.

  16. The Adviser

    ey guys,you need a windows mobile registry editor to add the registry fix,also after I added it,it still didnt work so you have to add the button values manually,you can do this by making sure the msinbox and spbinbox values are the same and tada problem solved

  17. Johannes

    Hey, has anyone come up with an easy solution so far? I really love this app but the non-working sms/mms button leaves me a little unsatisfied. Plus, I'm not really into tweaking my phone, so changing the registry sounds quite challenging to me. Could you explain this in more detail, please? And where do I get the mbs.exe version from to replace the old one?

  18. Piyush Rockssss.....

    sms button is not working aftr using the fix file too.
    please tell the proper procedure for it.PLS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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