Dollhouse – The best thing on TV

Posted On: Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I apologize for the completely unrelated post, but i just had to make a blog post about this and since this is pretty much the only blog i somewhat keep active, here goes… :)

Dollhouse is a Joss Whedon creation that is currently in its second season. It is most definitely one of the best series that i have watched but sad thing is that it might get cancelled due to its poor viewership. What Fox needs to acknowledge is that this is a masterpiece and no matter what the viewer count suggests, it offers one of the best stories and brings to question some really important questions. After all this being a Joss Whedon creation, it will take time for the series to get to the point expected of it – remember that all great stories have to be built. If you rush in, you could ruin it.

Below is a scene from Season 2’s episode 4 named Belonging which was the best aired episode of Dollhouse to-date. Standing in competition for top episode rank with this is Epitah One, an unaired season 1 episode that everyone should watch to get a complete understanding of what the series is really about, where it is headed, and why it should stay on TV.

P.S. I did put this clip on my X1 to watch it again and again… ;)

P.S.S. Be warned that the song is AWESOME! and you just might get addicted to it… Do note that the song itself hasn’t been released yet anywhere. (Sung by Jed Whedon)


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