FEWidgets Ultimate 1.0b12

Posted On: Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ever felt inclined to try out something similar to Omnia’s Widget Interface? There have been various implementations in the past that i’ve tried out including an older version of FEWidgets and they all failed to impress due to their poor performance and memory consumption. But then today i came across i bookmark while organizing my favorites (and they are really messy!) to the FEWidgets thread and i found out about the latest version – which was released somewhere back in August, so not that new.

I downloaded this version half-heartedly and installed it pretty much expecting to be uninstalling it in the next few minutes again. After it installed i disabled HTC Sense and enabled FEWidgets from the today items configuration and went back to the today screen. For a second or two i saw nothing but a white screen and i was like ‘see!’. But then it came up and as i clicked around and dragged things from the bar to the screens, i knew that the developer had gotten it right!

Low in memory consumption, offering a couple of widgets and with the option for multiple screens… this is again a must have for your windows mobile for yet another interface to show off. Though there aren’t any new widgets available but hopefully other developers will create some since the author of the interface also provides a developer guide. For more information, and to download, click on any image below.

FYI – works in landscape and switches fast. Also, does not require Flash!

sc1 sc3


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