HTC HD2 (LEO) ROM for X1

Posted On: Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Xperiancers – Get your cables out. x1owner at XDA forums has released a new custom ROM today that is built upon the final HTC HD2 extracted ROM. HTC Sense is a lot more stable and really fast. And the best thing of it all… unlike most of the custom ROMs that came out previously with leaked HTC Sense, this one utilizes approx. 50% of the RAM thus leaving a lot for other programs to work properly. The ROM also comes with X1 Panel Manager installed along with a couple of panels.

The only issue i have right now is that the Start Menu has 5 columns of items – makes sense for HTC HD2 given its huge screen, but will have to find the registry hack to move that to something less since it is a bit too small on the X1. :)

To download the ROM, head on here. Note; i just flashed this ROM an hour back and though have not run into any bugs so far, i can’t confirm it to be bug-free either. So flash at your own will.

To get more information on Touch HD2, keep a lookout at TracyAndMatt. They have a set in the house and are expected to release more videos soon.



4 Responses to “HTC HD2 (LEO) ROM for X1”

  1. Melk

    OK, maybe I'll also try this ROM to see if I have the freeze problem. What version are you using / where's a download link for the last version? The thread is chaotic, and I think most of the ROM are german? :)

  2. msalmank

    It is a good one... download from here:

    I'm updating mine now as well to the 23504 ROM as well... :)

  3. Melk

    Thanks! I'll try it maybe next week. Now I'm testing MrRusch and WildChild's Untamed! ROM and so far it didn't freeze on my phone. It's the first WM6.5 build that seems to work for me. :)

    But before sticking to a ROM for the next months, I'll give this a try too.

  4. Murphy

    i just got xperia x1 WM6.5(i knw its old) but i dnt like the interface and hoping to install the htc rom on it.the problem is i don't knw how to get it and how to install it...plz help

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