Panelizer Tools by SE

Posted On: Friday, November 27, 2009

I saw this a while back on the Sony Ericsson developer site but didn’t post about it then. Seeing the Opera Mini Panel at XDA today reminded me of these tools again today and brought the realization that not many know about these tools nor use them… for honestly, it seems these tools are the key to getting more panels on our Xperia handsets! (For X1 of course you will have to have the X2 stuff installed including the Myriad Java Machine and the X2 Panel Manager.)

What are the Panelizer tools? Making it extremely easy to produce panels, the Panelizer features enables users to take an existing application and turn it in to a Panel. Simply supply the required inputs and click the Create Package button. It is as simple as that…! :)

Now what could we possibly see as panels? Perhaps a touch-friendly skinned Nitrogen player panel, iFonz panel, Androkkid panel, WAD2 panel! and much more!!! Can you feel the excitement?

For more information about the panelizers, head on here.


3 Responses to “Panelizer Tools by SE”

  1. SalmonSushi

    Well then why do we even need a panel manager? How about just make a short cut screen with 9 retangular icons? Then there's nothing inovative about that, and it's a waste of the new panel system

  2. M.Salman.K

    @Salmon - Using the X1 Panel Manager, that kinda hits the spot... but have you tried the new X2 Panel manager on the X1...? It is exactly what we wanted with our X1 in the first place... not just a fast panel manager but extremely fast panel switcher etc...

    And in short... Panels are more than 9 tasks running simultaneously and true that people tend to negate that point, not having 9 tasks running simultaneously has a big reason behind it - lower memory consumption...

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