Slide2Send – An In Progress Application

Posted On: Thursday, November 05, 2009

I came across this thread in XDA developers about an application that is under development right now, an though the Alpha 0.3 release is nothing close to the final intended version, it is an exciting app.

LOGO-Slide2Send-SMALL is intended to be a lightweight, smooth and sweeeet style SMS & MMS application!

The application development has the following high priorities:

  • sending/receiving SMS (of course)
  • finger-friendly, sweeeet and attractive UI
  • multi-resolution
  • being lightweight and fast
  • Slide2-buttons (e.g. Slide2Send, Slide2Reply, Slide2NewMsg etc)

Below are a couple of mockups. For more information on the project, which by the way is open-source, head on to the XDA thread here. I hope that the guys wrap this up quick and put it on Windows Marketplace; this is one app i wouldn’t hesitate to purchase if it delivers what it promises…

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5 Responses to “Slide2Send – An In Progress Application”

  1. Melk

    Looks interesting, I would like an app like that to replace the old-looking messaging system in WM. Maybe it would be good to also replace the e-mail client if it could display HTML mail.

  2. Salman

    yeah... i love the concept. Tried out the alpha, doesn't have much of the UI, but they're covering ground in terms of functionality...

    hopefully really soon....... :)

    Not sure about email though... I like the default email stuff with the touch-optimizations in WinMo 6.5... One thing though; have you ever received embedded images on an email? How do i save that image to open in a proper photo viewer on the cell, or actually zoom in on the email to view it there directly? Or is that functionality not possible....?

  3. Tasya Zigy

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  4. Melk

    That's a good question. I always tought that there is an option to view attached files, but if the image is embedded I can't see a way to save it or do anything with it. The only way to zoom a little is to change the screen orientation, it will cover the whole screen.

    Another stupid thing by Microsoft it seems... :)

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