SPB Time 3.0

Posted On: Friday, November 27, 2009

SPB Time is an advanced, skinnable (and when they say skinnable… note that there are TONS of skins available for download easily via the application itself) time toolbox for Windows Mobile phone. Providing analog and digital clock modes, world clock, timers and stopwatches, and advanced alarms. Version 3.0 of SPB Time, released on Nov 24, 2009, comes as a panel for Xperia.

Though I’ve been mainly using Klaxxon as my alarm utility on the X1 in the past, SPB Time’s Paranoid or Bio mode might just be what i need…! To download a trial version or to get more information head on here.

Screen01 Screen02

Screen04 Screen05

Screen06 Screen07

Screen08 Screen09

Screen10 Screen11


2 Responses to “SPB Time 3.0”

  1. sonus

    Where did you get the panel version? All I see is a single download file on SPB's site. Is it part of the X2 ROM contents?

  2. msalmank

    Hi Christopher,

    Just the standard CAB file that you see on the site... it automatically installs the panel for the X1... :)


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