Xperia X2’s ROM Extracted – Test ROMs surface for X1

Posted On: Friday, November 20, 2009


It is time to get excited about the X2, and not because SE is releasing a new Xperia handset, but due to the fact that our trusted friends at XDA are hard at work at getting us all the goodies from the X2 ready for our X1s. Keep a lookout on this thread here.

And if you can’t wait, test out this test ROM ready for the X1. I flashed it earlier and really like it! Has WinMo 6.5 (official version of course), the new Panel Manager (which is super dooper fast!) and a couple of additional goodies… What’s missing is the X2 dialer and SlideView application – the one we see demoed on the X2 once you click on, say, email from the Tilewave panel. But since this is just the second custom ROM since the extracted stuff hit the surface, i’m sure we’ll see a more perfect ROM appear on XDA soon enough.

Some screenshots for you… :)

Screen03 Screen06 

Screen08 Screen10

Screen11 Screen12

Screen13 Screen14 

Screen17 Screen18

Screen19 Screen32






Screen25 Screen26

Screen27 Screen29

Screen30 Screen31


13 Responses to “Xperia X2’s ROM Extracted – Test ROMs surface for X1”

  1. FoGo

    great news!
    i saw it yesterday at xda while searching for roms and i am really happy...!

  2. Melk

    Nice new panel manager, very smooth and fast compared to X1's, but it eats up 20 times more memory - 6MB vs 300Kb. :)

    Experiment 13 is a nice game (but sometimes it freezes for a few seconds), and Xtrakt looks a little nicer.

    Pixel city panels scroll very slow and are not very useful, but they look nice. Maybe because I am also running Manila.

    Tilewave is nice, not very useful (each shortcut goes to the browser or to old WM apps), but looks very good.

    Didn't try the keyboard and comm manager yet.

  3. msalmank

    It really is an awesome custom ROM! Faster and more stable than most ROMs i've tried in the last few weeks...!

  4. Melk

    Don't know if it's related to the video drivers, framework or panels I installed a few days ago, but today I'm having a lot of slowdowns and I need to soft reset to get the phone running smooth again. I installed a lot of junk, maybe I'll hard reset and install again to see where the problem is.

    I didn't try a dedicated ROM, but installed bits of X2 over a Manila 2.1 WM6.5 ROM.

  5. Unknown

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Unknown

    sir please help me how to install this rom i m new buddy here

  7. Unknown

    me - check this tutorial for install instructions:


  8. Anonymous

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  9. Unknown

    where i can download this panel??????

  10. Anonymous

    Thanks for give these kind of information.

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