Leo on X1

Posted On: Monday, February 08, 2010

Ever since HTC Leo surfaced, i’ve been lusting to get the updated HTC Sense UI onto my X1. I personally didn’t like TF3D that much, but with HTC Sense the UI was taken a lot further making it more useful and powerful and an extreme eye-candy. (can’t get enough of the weather animations)

But disappointed I was since all Leo ROMs that surfaced were either too buggy or poor in performance and thus lacked the guts to be used as a day-to-day ROM. Of course there were customizations in between where people brought in Leo with better performance by turning off the X1 panels or those who modified the original TF3D2 (the one with landscape support) to be close to what Leo’s Sense offered. I know, i’m a bit spoiled to be looking for best performance while running X1 Panels as well as HTC Sense…

And now… i can finally say that there is a ROM out there that works just as i had imagined. NRGZ28’s latest Energy ROM with HTC Sense and Windows Mobile 6.5.5 including X1 Panel Manager works like a charm! HTC Sense does full landscape, works super fast (can get a bit laggy if you have too many applications open but otherwise is a charm), and is by far the least buggiest ROM i have used in the last few weeks. (to be honest – i haven’t found any bugs yet but i wouldn’t hold my breath either… :)

Head on here for more info on the ROM. Just so you know, I’m using the 23529 build which according to NRGZ28: “The 23529 Build that's the latest in the 6.5.5 series with the Start/Close buttons at the bottom. These builds are not as stable but they reflect the latest cutting edge technology from Microsoft.”

Screen01[1] Screen02[1]




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  1. Unknown

    welcome back man :)

    AWESOME ROM.. will definitely try it

    for the past few months i have been using valkyrie v5 LEO rom winmo6.5 ... and it is also very fast and bug free with landscape and with very low battery consumption too

    but will definitely try this one

  2. Unknown

    Quick Question - If I installed the Rom, will I still be able to use my Xperia Panels?

  3. Unknown

    Hey Salman!
    Ok the thing is iam gettin bored with my xperia, have the generic r3a installed and feel like spicin up things a bit. Which custom rom do you suggest? The Leo or the 6.1? and which ever you suggest, please give me the detailed procedure of installing it. As i mentioned, this will be the first time installation of a custom ROM so all the hard spl an all will be required (just know the name of the thing but dunno anythin else abt it) Thanks!

  4. msalmank

    @Ammar - "SIGH!"

    Honestly that is how i'm feeling about the X1 now too... haven't tried any interesting ROM in the last week or so or well in a while since this one that i posted about... :(

  5. Anonymous

    whats xperia firmwear ? iz it a rom ?

  6. Anonymous

    I your blog love. it make me cazzy.

  7. Unknown

    i wud just like 2 know where i wud get 2 download [Xperia X1] EnergyROM "Leo" 23529 for my Xperia??

  8. Unknown


    Can you tell me where i can download this rom?
    I can't find them!


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