WinMo 6.1 Custom ROM for X1

Posted On: Monday, February 08, 2010

Ok, so the reality isn’t lost on me… who would want to use Windows Mobile 6.1 these days? But c’mon! This ROM actually got me excited enough to use it for an entire two days and the “only” reason i flashed to another one was because i wanted to try out a new Leo ROM else might have stayed with this ROM for quite a while. Honestly, this beast of a ROM leaves over 380 MB free on your main storage! When have you had that much to play with?

Still, of course there is no denying that the ROM’s main appeal is for Professional and Enterprise users only – as intended by the cooker norti. But once you flash the bare ROM onto your X1, you can customize it to your heart’s desires with the X1 Panel Manager and other flashy tools as required while still keeping a fast ROM at the base. The best customization would be, which i did do, to install WAD2 and then apply some of the ultimate and cool themes that often perform slow on other ROMs.

If interested, head on here for more information on the ROM.


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